Saturday, February 7, 2009

Photoshop 《Winter Image Effects》

Using Adobe Photoshop CS, We can try to change a summer picture to winter scence.
Picture 1 : The above picture is an original photo took at Port Dickson

Picture 2 : Wind effect is added

Picture 3 : This final picture looks icy

Let's use another picture
Picture 4 : The above is a picture took at Penang

Picture 5 : The wind effect is added as well

Picture 6 : Final photo looks like winter scene

Note : Kindly click on this picture 6 and you will see a more clearer effect of it

Photoshop 《Crystal Effects》

The Adobe Photoshop made a crystal effectPicture 1 : Original Photo Picture 2 : After the Crystal effects of Adobe Photoshop CS

Photoshop 《Different Photo Effects》

Let's use see how Photoshop help us to make photo effect on photoPicture 1 : The above photo is original picture took at Penang Picture 2 : After the stained glass effect
Picture 2 : After the water colour effect Picture 3 : After the graphic pen effect
The above all is the photo effect of adobe photoshop CS.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Photoshop 《Photo to Painting》

Introducing the use of Adobe Photoshop CS
The purpose is to change a photo into painting.
Picture 1: Photo above is an original picture Step 1: Change the shadow highlight
Step 2 : Some editting is needed
Step 3 : The original colour is retored
Final : A photo have becomes paintings after the use of Adobe Photoshop CS.

Photoshop 《Zoom Effect》

Introducing the use of Adobe Photoshop CSPicture 1 : Original Picture

Picture 2 : Picture after the zooming effect of Adobe Photoshop CS.
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