Sunday, October 31, 2010

My study is with

ACCA exam is near already. Without attending any tuition on the town which is expensive.
I used free service on the website i.e. I truly recommend this accountancy website to you.

All accountancy student should try this and you will know that, this is free and helpful to your journey to the passing of the ACCA papers.

Monday, October 11, 2010

My Hobby is playing Chess

Time pass by fast. I just finish study one of the chapter for ACCA called environmental issues.

The chapter started with an introduction normally. However I end on playing chess....haha....No la....Just spend sometime to play chess. As my hobby is playing chess.

How about yours?

I just registered as a member for on of the game in facebook called ChessCube. I try and practice to make myself better in thinking. This will also help me in my working life as I always need to think and plan for client.

This is a 15 minutes games. Finally I won the game. The picture above stop at black piece. What if you are black piece, what is your move then?

DO COMMENT....Thank you. Please come Again

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