Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My life # 19 - Langkawi I Have Been = 2008

Last year Langkawi Trip's photos to share to all the reader here.....

All the photos here were captured during the time I went to Langkawi with my parents....
What should I call this animal r? haha
It made a pose for me to take....
Penguin:" I want to just, let's capture my photo and post to yusann.blogspot wo....^6^"
The Penguin with all other Penguins
Let's take another photos...
Another? Maybe...
Do you see a bird here?
It is washing the wall....
Swimming around
Langkawi's night view
Colourful..Imaginative and creative
My brother and I (Founder of yusann.blogspot.com)
View while we were at the ship to Langkawi...
and again....I keep on taking photos around...
This is my mom
Finally...This is me again....

Hope to go to Langkawi again.....
Have you been to Langkawi? Have fun?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Computer Tips # 10 - Alexa.com

Dear all,

Do you know where to check your blog or website ranking?
If Yes, then want is your blog or home page's ranking today?

Here is the answer>>>>

First...you login to http://www.alexa.com/
Then the website as shown above will be available.....
Type your blog or website that you want to know the ranking at the "Find sites about"....
Let's try http://yusann.blogspot.com
Then, Click on "Get Traffic Stats for yusann.blogspot.com"

Trada!!....My blog rank 3,953,789 in the world or global....This ranking is updated in a daily basis.....
My blog also rank 178022 in Philippines....Ha...

Let's try your blog!! What is your blog's rank?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Food Network # 4 - Guan Di at Kota Damansara

Just went to a place at Kota Damansara called Guan Di.
Waitress looking at somewhere else to attract more customers to their shop...
Still Searching
In the middle of the Tea

"Bai Gu"
This "Bai Gu" Seems delicious but actually it is very difficult to eat one....
Rather not ask for this....ha...
This toufu is not really that nice as it looks...
somemore not cheap....
Cantonese Cuisine
A view in side the Guan Di
Another view in side the Guan Di
A view in side the Guan Di

This dinner set cost me RM52++
Really the !!Expensive!! right?

But a try to new food restaurant is a good experience as well.....

By Blogger of yusann.blogspot.com

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My life # 18 - Memorable Genting Highland's Event

National Day at Genting Highland

Some special event at Genting Highland part 1
Some special event at Genting Highland part 2

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Food Network # 3 - Bernard at Centrepoint - Bandar Utama

Today, I have a visit to Centrepoint at Damansara.
Then I went into the parking area which a free parking at the public holiday....
Saw this Lunch set at RM9.90++
Bernard's view
Outside of Bernard
Bernard's menu
Monday's lunch set is for the all fried rice at the menu.
This is Thai fried rice...

Yong Chow fried rice....Do you think is there anything special about this?

"I grew up in a house that liked to be funny. Everybody liked to be funny."
Some quote that found in a magazine at the restaurant.

The lunch is a bit slow to be served. Therefore, we look at the magazine while waiting for the lunch to come.

This is awesome...Can I try one? Is this included in the set lunch at I order? ha....

Prawns....I like to eat prawns
Bernard's menu
The set lunch not included any beer but got a "Guinness" glass of "Ice Lemon Tea"^,-
Ice Lemon Tea
Do you want a glass of Guinness or Ice Lemon Tea?
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