Friday, October 30, 2009

My Life # 25 - Impact Impact Impact!!!!!

It has already been few weeks after....the Impact day...
But it still got a lot of memory leave behind.....

A view at the Tasputra Perkim
This kid said "Yeah!!"

Group pics...
What is the guy in front doing?
Impact day
Impact day......

Monday, October 26, 2009

My Life # 24 - Night at Taman Jaya

Let's have a look at Taman Jaya at night...
This picture is just in front of the Tenaga National.....
Taking another picture here....
and again.....
A bigger one.......let's see....
At night....Taman Jaya here is full with light.....
somemore got police riding motorcycle to check the safety of the people there......
This picture looks brighter.....
One more......

Enjoy taking photo anywhere.....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ultimate Back Scratcher and The Wife Visit the Office

The wife visit the office.

Ultimate Back Scratcher

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Get out of my car

This is interesting...haha

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Life # 23 - Deloitte's Impact Day 2009 (Video Version)

Deloitte's Impact Day

What activities that happen?

The painters of deloitte were doing the painting of the hut.

Supervisor ordering others to do their job in the most effective and efficient manner....

Let's continue blogging.....

Friday, October 9, 2009

My Life # 22 - Deloitte's Impact Day 2009

What so happening this week?

Deloitte KassimChan had a meaningful and wonderful day at Tasputra Perkim, which is also known as Taman Asuhan Harian untuk kanak-kanak cacat.

This is what Deloitte call it as an Impact Day which is held on 8th October, 2009

Tasputra Perkim - Taman Asuhan Harian untuk kanak-kanak cacat
Non-profit making day care centre for handicapped children.

Tasputra started on 14th September 1988

Let's go in to the Tasputra.


We start off by doing some "Gotong Royong".
Picking up the dry grass on the small field there.....

We are so hardworking...but not forgot to look at the camera as well.....ha..

Keep the dry grass together.....

Dry grass putted together to be throw away later.....

On the other side, painter are painting the hut.
The entire hut is painted.
Some people's deloitte's shirt had made dirty by the paint......

Ms Pui Yue want to show her mineral water.
Is this an advertisement?

Meanwhile, we are picking out the grass.....

Let's see where we can clean it out...



3P's Teamwork

See how I can use the grass-cutting machine to cut this into "M" = MCdonald?

See how I can use the grass-cutting machine to cut this into "M" = MCdonald?

Big tree at Tasputra

How can I cut this into a Heart-shaped plant.....

Shall I play it?

Andrew is using the Lawn Mower.



A swimming pool for Tasputra.

After the "gotong royong" session, we were being served with meals that was prepared by the ladies.

The meals included fried meehoon, kway toeh, fried chicken and so on....

After the first "gotong royong" session, then we went to KLCC to watch the orchestra..

One of the view inside the orchestra's room.

KLCC - Orchestra's room

This kid play with ms honey.

A kid and ms honey


Nurse looking after the kids..

He is so happy.

What is your name?

He look around.

Photo session

Deloitte people

Waiting to move back to the Tasputra.

Impact Day

Enjoy the Impact Day.....

See where can we go for the next year's Impact Day.

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