Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Life # 4 - The day when we sing k - April 2009

Character description:
James, Shek yong, Siau Siang, Me, Beng Teong, Shiau Li (top), adeline(top), Ching Wen (bottom), Boon(bottom). Is this my cup of tea?
We are busy singing, but he is busy to taking post for photo...

A present

Eating his birthday's cake...why not using spoon? ha..

As usual, everyone busy taking photo...I still singing...

Blowing the light..

Make a wish
Seems like he wan to cut something....

Beautiful cake

She wan Solo...

He is solo also..

and him....where is my solo picture?

Mic wan to rest

buffet is so so only...but because we are hungry, so it seems like delicious....

What song to choose next?

Let's sing together....


Who is singing? Cannot see the screen also...ha...

I heard my voice at the end of the video...he..he

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