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Horoscope #4 - Love Compatibility


Love Compatibility

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With another Aries, the relationship is one that is active, constantly striving, idealistic, concerned with universal appeal and faraway places. It could be quite fiery; both would want -to assume leadership. He comes alive if you take the initiative in demonstrating love. His sexual nature is one that could be described as fiery, intense. Aries man, where sex is concerned can be considered a special case." His ego is sex life. The more this man thinks you appreciate him, the more be will respond, will return the compliment.
The Aries woman is not the kind you can lead in circles. She wants to know where she is going and has some ideas on how to set there. In loving her, do not fall into a routine or rut. Respond to her romantic flair. Lend fuel to her desire for experimentation. This woman can be temperamental, headstrong, independent, and she can exude a kind of arrogance and sex appeal based on a blending of pride and willingness to give. Her standards are high; they are peculiar to her. You cannot force her or push her, but neither should you fear the Aries woman. Nothing discourages her more than constant indulgence. She is not easy to live with, but she is likely to be worth the trouble.
Taurus persons are good for you financially. You also are physically attracted to the Taurean. Taurus is associated with Venus, while your ruling planet is Mars. These two planets, symbolically, represent physical attraction. The Sun of Taurus is in your Second House, which is associated with income, money, possessions, your ability to collect data, and to obtain legitimate bargains. But, Aries, a word of caution. Taurus men and women may be a bit slow moving for you. Aries tends to be aggressive, craves action, becomes Impatient.
In a way, Taurus is good for you, as he sets an example of patience. In dealing with Taurus for business purposes, you should not try to force your view or will. Taurus can be determined-and this determination, when carried to extremes, turns into downright stubbornness. In personal relations, the Taurus individual both attracts and infuriates you. These two signs are neutral in relation to each other, and Taurus is good for you where financial transactions are concerned. You definitely are intrigued with Taurus; there is a sensuousness, which emanates from these natives that "Sets to you." In doing any purchasing, it is advantageous to have a Taurus with you. You could be lucky with bargains when accompanied by a native of this sign.
Gemini individual is restless, has numerous ideas and plenty of nervous energy. In a sense, this is fine. However, carried to extremes, you both tend to scatter your forces. The key is to be selective, to choose the best. The Gemini is Mercury and your significator is Mars. Gemini tends to give you a sense of direction, but also to tire you. This is because you find yourself moving, visiting, entertaining, being entertained. You tend to try to be every place at once when tied up with the typical Gemini native. Gemini makes you want to learn, to experiment, to report, whether that reporting be in the from of notes and eventually a story or article.
Gemini gets you going - sometimes to the point of starting arguments. You can argue with Gemini, and Gemini can make you tired, but, Aries, you are also intellectually stimulated ... and this is no small matter.
With Gemini, you can expect a plentiful supply of change, travel and variety. There is excitement generated and muck activity. If your forces are properly channeled, this combination could be a profitable, satisfying one.
Where the zodiacal sign Cancer is concerned, the aspect is not favorable, which means, Aries, that you have to work to make this relationship last. It does not happen by itself. You are a Fire Sign and Cancer is of the Water element. Persons born under Cancer activate your sense of responsibility. However, on the negative side there is a tendency for you to feel tied down. Cancer is good for you where your Home and your property are concerned. Cancer also is favorable where long-range projects enter the picture, Cancer is associated with the Moon - and this brings together your Mars with the Moon, creating a male-female polarity and bringing about physical attraction.
Cancer's general effect on you is of a settling-down nature, of encouraging Homemaking, of making you aware of what has to be saved for the proverbial rainy day. You can inspire Cancer and Cancer can calm you. Now, once this is balanced, the calmness and the inspiration-there is a fine relationship. Meeting and dealing with Cancer is part of your experience, for you tend to need a weight, a goal, and an objective. You are fiery and independent ... and Cancer merely is attempting to channel your forces in constructive directions. In enhancing security, the purchase of property, Cancer is good for you. But there is' a tendency for resentment to build ... for steam to be transformed from vapor into an explosive force: when this occurs the relationship could be over.
You get up and go with Leo; there is action and there are new starts in new directions. Your creative urge is stimulated; the Sun of Leo combines with your Mars to create physical response. Natives of Leo attract you in a basic sense; you are drawn, almost magnetized. The Sun and Mars combination symbolizes a spark, ignited into a fire, which turns bright and quickly. Leo affects that part Of Your Solar horoscope having to do with children, sex, and creative endeavors, speculation. The two signs - Aries and Leo - are well expected; the combination is excellent for enthusiasm, excitement, the creating of methods, operation. With Leo, you tend to break off old relationships and to enter a new phrase of activity.
With Leo, you are seldom in one place for very long. Questions are asked and answers demanded. With Leo, there is much affection and some of it could be showered on children. You tend to regard Leo as your opportunity to express inventive qualities. If you want to play games with emotions, find someone else. With Leo, You could become inextricably involved.
Virgo persons serve you, remind you, often bring about feelings of guilt. This is because Virgo represents your Sixth House, associated with basic duties, health, work. Virgo makes you aware of how much further you have to go, your potential has yet to be filled. Virgo makes realize that you are health conscious. Virgo causes you to put ideas to practical use. Virgo does have a tendency to criticize. However, mainly, your own good. Virgo teaches you lessons of this is for cooperation. The Virgo native, in relation to you, is one who gnaws at your conscience.
Virgo is conscious of money - of what goes out, what comes in - conscious of your assets and deficits. There are changes due when you tie up with a Virgo person. But, Aries, you can benefit from this kind of concern. You may tire of it, but there also are benefits. In general, Virgo provides a protective influenced but, despite a desire to settle down, the relationship tends to wear thin. You are too headstrong to be confined by the Virgo diet, recriminations and criticisms aimed, always, "for your own good".


Libra is the sign opposite Your own-these people attract you in the manner that opposites attract. There could be an excellent physical relationship here. However, on the negative side, this could lead to legal maneuvers, which tarnish your image. Libra represents your Seventh Solar sector, which has to do with public relations, marriage, contracts, and legal documents. Libra persons bring out compassion in you. However, you also are tempted to take advantage of the Libran. You push - Libra gives. You push some more, Libra continues to give. And if you continue pushing, Libra could be pushed out of your life.

So, Aries, in dealing with Libra, you learn the lesson of restraint. You also learn to protect your image. This is because Libra has a way of making you see yourself as others do. You are able, Aries, to lead - but you must not get so far ahead that you leave others behind. Libra helps to drive home this point. Librans contain many of your opposite qualities. So it is constructive for you to observe the Libran, to learn lessons-and to apply them. There is definite attraction between Aries and Libra because the two are basically opposite. And for you, Aries, this is all to the good. Some of your aggressive qualities are toned down if you are around Libra for any length of time.

Aries and Libra-all in all, there could be great harmony, if Aries, you don't push quite so hard. The Libra Venus and your Mars significator blend in a manner to provide warmth, interesting physical reactions and success at joint efforts. There are problems here, but there also are enough assets to result in success - if you care enough.


Scorpio natives, in relation to you, represent intrigue. These persons often frighten you. This is because, Aries, they awaken your emotions-you tend to do and say things which you ordinarily would avoid. The Pluto of Scorpio and your Mars represent rebellion; the status quo is overthrown. Your ideas are revolutionized. You engage in activities which you may previously have considered taboo. Scorpio natives nudge your innermost desires. You may not immediately like Scorpio, but neither can you ignore a Scorpio. Scorpio at times tend to smother you. Too much of one thing, too much at one sitting, too much too soon. That is how Scorpio could affect you.

You could feel restricted in association with Scorpio, because Scorpio reminds you of fiscal responsibilities. This is a fire. Water relationship and could be described as anything but easy, smooth, or completely harmonious. Scorpio does many things to you. If you prefer to ignore challenge, and prefer one dish to a valid menu, then avoid Scorpio. But if psychological mystery intrigues you, then probably you have found the right person.


Sagittarius, in relation to Aries, is considered favorable. Both are fire signs, and here we have a combination of Jupiter for Sagittarius and Mars for Aries. Together, this produces expansion, much activity, a reaching out for more, a lack of satisfaction with the status quo. You seldom do things halfway when you are involved with a Sagittarian. For you, Aries, this association could result in long journeys, including journeys of the mind.

On the negative side, there could be plans too big to be practical. There could be delays. Generally Aries, this is a favorable sign for you. Your sense of humor improves with Sagittarius. You enjoy travel in the company of Sagittarius. These natives help you expand horizons and are an excellent influence if you desire to write, advertise or publish.


With Capricorn, Your sense of responsibility is activated. Capricorn could be good for Your career. Capricorn persons have the kind of effect on you which might be described as a slowing down process. Capricorn is your natural Tenth House, associated attainment. Where personal matters are concerned, Aries, you are fascinated by Capricorn. Often you look up to Capricorn as a father or mother image. The Capricorn individual may help elevate you in a career or professional sense may make you aware of duties, resolutions, and responsibilities.

Unless you are grown up, unless the lines of experience are evident, it would be best for you to pass the Capricorn, But, in a Professional sense, Capricorn makes a wonderful business manager for you. Capricorn can guide your career, can give you the benefit of experience.


Aquarius natives, in connection with you, emphasize the friendship angle of your chart - they activate the hopes and wishes section of your solar horoscope. Aquarius is not always good for you, even though it is favorable aspected to your sign. The Aquarian touches your aspirations, and when this happens, you sometimes wind up being let down. Sometimes you almost appear predisposed to be disappointed when it comes to living up to or fulfilling aspirations. Aries, take special care when dealing with a member of the opposite sex born under Aquarius. These people attract you. They make promises.

They are romantic. You want to believe and, in wanting to believe, you invite deception. This is a combination of Fire and Air . Aquarius being of the Air element. The heat grows in intensity as the flames are fanned by the Air. The Uranus of Aquarius combines with your Mars ruler to produce sudden action, quick responses, a vital friendship, which could develop into something more serious. You are direct, frank, desiring to get directly to the heart of matters. But in relation to an Aquarian, some of your strong points are weakened. You procrastinate, you make excuses, and you cover up to save your pride. For fun and games, this is a fine relationship, but realize that ultimately the same could become the real thing..


With Pisces, you tend to brood, to have secret longings and fears. You want to give your best; very often you give more than you receive. You try, it would appear, to cleanse yourself of some real or imagined guilt. This seems to be the way Pisces-acts on you. Pisces is a water sign, you are a fire sign. It is not easy for you to blend with Pisces. But, Aries, you certainly can learn. Pisces stimulates you to study, to research, to appreciate privacy. Pisces , in actuality , is good for your nerves, providing a sense of balance.

Basically Pisces and Aries- together- make it difficult to arrive at facts. A kind of dreamy atmosphere is likely to prevail. The unexpected, the unseen, the hidden- these are emphasized, the unseen, the hidden- these are emphasized for you when you connect with a Piscean. Pisces is good for you on special study projects. With Pisces, there are apt to be clandestine meetings or activities. You get the truth with Pisces-this is not always pleasant, but it is of value, You succeed with Pisces in charity drives, in financing a project sponsored by a special group, club, organization. However, Pisces and Aries relating as individuals are apt to lack staying power. To make this association succeed on the personal level, you are going to have to work at it.


If you have to spend muck time away from people, you would probably seek out Aries to share that seclusion. The Mars of Aries is attractive to your Venus; there are many characteristics, which are opposite to each other. This sets up a magnetic pole; you are drawn to the Aries vitality. Aries is fascinated by your ability to ruminate, to finally arrive at a decision and head for a goal. Although you are zodiacal closer to each other, you are poles apart as far as basic drives, motives and interests are concerned. This being so, you can learn from each other.

Aries individuals tend to excite you in the manner that one is excited by a drama. Aries represents mystery for you. These persons attract you physically, but any relationship takes on a clandestine atmosphere. This means that, although you may feel drawn to Aries, it is in a subtle manner, not out in the open. It is best for you to entertain Aries at home, with not too many others present. Otherwise, you tend to drift and Aries moves away from your sphere. You can be alone in a crowd and enjoy it with Aries


With another Taurus, there is a tendency to do much socializing but little work. This is because each is afraid of offending the other; there is instinctive knowledge that two persons determined to have their own way might not have any way. The Taurus man wants the best of everything but is not above complaining about the price. He is practical, earthy, has a healthy appetite - in both food and sex. He enjoys the basics; eating, sleeping, loving. You will have to keep an eye on his diet. He expects you to give completely of yourself but is, at the same time, sensitive about your appearance. He is not above using coarse language, but is dismayed when an off-color word leaves your lips. He is not the easiest person to live with, but he is lusty, can be a good provider and can be relied upon during emergencies. Keep him well fed and loved. In return, he can give you fulfillment and a great degree of emotional security.

To please the Taurus woman you must indulge her whims, but also know when and where to draw the line. This woman wants a man and if you are less than manly the relationship could go out the window. She, unlike some women, does not find weakness attractive in men. She likes Comfort; she appreciates luxury. Give her what you can but insist that she live up to her end of any bargain. She is generally willing to give as well as to take; she can be voluptuous, enjoys good food and does respond in the sexual area. Be positive in expressing desires. She is capable of helping you fulfill them. She can entice, appeal, attract, she is seductive and lazy in a sexy manner. She can be stubborn but charming, and is capable of making you run a gamut of emotions. Win your way with her; don't try to force issues. She can be a wonderful ally, but a formidable foe.


Where Gemini is concerned, these people activate your Second or money House. Gemini natives interest you because you can talk to them about your ambitions, your collections, and your desires but somehow it is difficult for you to really get excited about them. With Gemini, there is muck talk. There is planning and sharing of knowledge, ideas. Some of those ideas could click. Gemini can be instrumental where money is concerned. But you could also get bogged down in a fog of plans, talk, and speculation. You could go too far out if you fall too muck under the influence of charming Gemini. Your Venus signification combines with Gemini's Mercury to bring about a kind of active receptivity. That is, Gemini does the talking and you do the listening. Gemini gives and you receive. This goes on until a balance is achieved until you start giving. However, if you refuse to tackle your fair share, then there is a break-up it is the end of Gemini and Taurus.

Gemini is apt to lose patience with you unless you continually show interest, even awe, when Gemini speaks. If you are an energetic Taurean, then the association proves beneficial, Otherwise, Taurus, look elsewhere. Taurus and Gemini often arrive at the right money decisions. They can be at the right place at the right time. There could be a "Midas touch" here, but once a point is proven the lines holding you together might snap.


Where Cancer is concerned, you are stimulated mentally, but also you are apt to feel restricted. You want to break loose. You want to break shackles, imagined or otherwise. This is a case of the Cancer Moon and your Venus; you could make beautiful music. But there is apt to be a lack of solid foundation. Where a relationship here enters the picture, there is apt to be travel for you. Cancer stimulates your Third Solar House, which relates to your relatives, to short trips, to get-togethers, to ideas, mental pursuits. But there could also be some sharp disagreements. Cancer may attempt to discipline you in a manner, which causes lack of freedom, and here you can be stubborn. Cancer, thinking of the future and of security, puts his foot down. Then the honeymoon is over!

Now, listen, Taurus: you can have a beautiful relationship with the Cancer native. But you may have to give a little, may have to let loose, may have to express yourself to a greater extent than usual. This doesn't make you feel comfortable. Both Taurus and Cancer have much in common: the same attributes, the same faults, the same assets, and the same deficits. When Cancer and Taurus are put together, the result is responsibility. Which means, Taurus, this is no time to play games.

If you want to experiment, if you want to have a superficial relationship, look elsewhere. Cancer plays for keeps where you're concerned. So, Taurus, if it's fun and games you're seeking, cross Cancer off the list.

For permanency, security, a sharing of interests and ideas, Cancer could be ideal. It is a matter of your level of maturity.


In association with Leo, you react in a manner, which affects later years of your life, your security, home, and chance to gain a financial foothold. The Leo individual causes you to fill in the gaps, to be aware of weak spots. Leo tends to give you a sense of what you need or lack. With Leo, you tend to be uncertain. You want to erase this uncertainty. You want to know where you stand. Leo makes you aware of what can be done -and, on the positive side, Leo makes you do something about it. On the negative side, you merely express doubt, become discouraged and finally brood.

Listen, Taurus: Leo is a good experience for you, but you may not be able to take too much of Leo at one sitting. It is like rich food. Fine for a dessert, or a change -Leo is a luxury. But eventually, the practical side of your Taurus nature comes soaring to the forefront. You begin to doubt, to check, to try to see persons or situations in a realistic light.

Leo is flashy where you are concerned. You smile outwardly, appear entertained outwardly. But, Taurus, inwardly you are apt to cringe because Leo is extravagant in your eyes. You then begin to check your own holdings. You check your assets and your debts.

Leo makes you aware of home, authority, what you owe and what you have coming to you. Leo is not favorably to Taurus -but you can stand a little Leo in your life. The Sun of Leo and your Venus ruler make an attractive combination: but, in the main, it is romantic rather than solid. Leo shakes you up. Good in some areas, but both can be stubborn and Leo will insist on the spotlight.



Virgo affects the section of your chart related to love, change, creative endeavors, adventure and speculation. Virgo encourages you to follow through on a hunch, to gamble on your abilities, to invest in your Ideas, talents. Virgo persons attract you physically-and you have much to learn from persons born under that zodiacal sign. The very best qualities of Virgo draw you, make you want to give of yourself. The less admirable qualities, such as a tendency to be overly critical, give you a view of when you're tearing down that, which means the most to you.

Virgo, like Gemini, tends to stimulate you. These people sharpen your intellectual curiosity. Virgo, generally, is favorable for you touching that part of your chart associated with children, creative activity, and self-expression. Once inspired by Virgo, you really get going and it is hard to stop you. You do benefit from such a relationship. It teaches you much about yourself, enables you to bring forth creative resources -and certainly you are attracted in a physical sense. This could be a fine thing, if you achieve a balance between the intellect and emotions. Your Venus and the Virgo Mercury activate interests in art and creative subjects. Your intuition is sharpened by this relationship. You are not apt to be satisfied with the status quo; you want change, travel and variety. This is unusual for you, but that's the effect Virgo is likely to produce.


Libra persons serve you well, but tend to give you a guilty conscience. This, Taurus, is because the Libra person has a way of waking you up, making you realize the vast extent of your potential. You begin asking yourself if you're doing enough. When the answer is negative, you fret, worry, and castigate yourself. Libra is associated with Venus, just as is your sign. When the two of you get together, there is apt to be a fine social time- and a scattering of forces. This leads you to an awareness of work neglected. It makes you feel guilty. You are attracted to Libra, but there is not too much that is accomplished. You tend, when with Libra, to find excuses for putting off today what can be done tomorrow.

The relationship could be described as ultra-rich, perhaps too rich. It could be too much of a good thing. Libra tends to want to serve you, to do you favors and the more Libra does for you, the more you tend to resent it. It could be a complicated situation. Listen, Taurus: if you want to gain constructively from such a relationship, try to achieve balance. Libra certainly will appreciate that -and you will gain in the long run. So, Taurus, if you find yourself leaning back, being waited on change the rhythm. Start helping yourself, start returning the favor. That's how to make the most of your association with Libra.Libra can make you aware of health, can aid you in elevating job opportunities, can enhance your appreciation of arts and crafts. Libra gentility has a tendency to rub off. You can gain through the association, especially if willing to listen and observe.


You are attracted to Scorpio persons much in the manner that opposites attract opposites. The relationship, (although often resulting in marriage or other legal contracts), is usually either very good or very bad, with little in-between.

There is action when you get together with Scorpio. You tend to begin new projects, Taurus, in association with Scorpio that could result in a business, a marriage, a contract, and an agreement. There is a natural attraction, but both Scorpio and Taurus want to be the boss. This, of course, could lead to trouble -so, at the very beginning; it is best to settle just who is to take the lead.

If you want to pioneer, to begin a project, then Scorpio is perfect for you. But such a relationship does not promise to be completely smooth. Scorpio affects your Seventh Solar House, connected with marriage, contracts, and the way you look to others. Scorpio can make you change your ways -and your appearance. Know this, be ready to make adjustments. This is a combination of your Venus and Scorpio's Pluto. Venus and Pluto can create new fashions; styles and can attract wide attention.

This is a relationship that could result in marriage.. It also could finally be one in which both Scorpio and Taurus feel that it is time to move on, without the other. It is a relationship of extremes either hot or cold, together for always, or a final parting. The accent is on publicity, contracts, and legal maneuvers. The key for both Scorpio and Taurus, in this relationship, is to learn temper control. If this is done, the relationship could survive a rocky beginning and go on to a glorious finale.

If it's peace and quiet you're looking for, then it is best to by pass Scorpio. But if you seek adventure and are willing to make some very real changes -you have found the right person.


Sagittarius individuals represent the allies gained when you least expect them Sagittarius possesses a unique kind of attraction for you -sexually and financially Which means you are puzzled, fascinated, awed -almost all at once.You have difficulty getting to the bottom of the Sagittarius personality You are puzzled, at times mystified. This is the Jupiter of Sagittarius and the Venus of Taurus, with Sagittarius activating your Eighth House. This means, Taurus, that you go far a field.. You attract questions, problems. You carry added responsibility. It is not an easy relationship, but could prove worthwhile. You enlarge horizons, you reach out, gain new interests -and also attract new problems Sagittarius does provide challenge and, Taurus, you require challenge in order to live up to the best in yourself.

You can build for the future with Sagittarius. But some of your objectives require review. There is a tendency, with Sagittarius, to take an unusual turn in the road. Caution is required. Patience becomes a great virtue here.In relationship with Sagittarius, you must clearly outline objective and must finish what you start. Sagittarius is a test and a challenge for you. If you are ready to put forth best efforts, then, Taurus, you can succeed in this association.Together, Taurus and Sagittarius attract others -along with their problems. The two could make a good counselling team. Sagittarius activates your relations with those putting money trust in your hands It is a very good idea, with Sagittarius, to inaugurate an investment counselling service. Sagittarius inspires you to reach beyond current concepts. Your ambitions are stirred; your reticence is shaken. The combination of Venus (Taurus) and Jupiter (Sagittarius) is pleasant, and could result in beauty and profit


Where Capricorn is concerned, these people are good for you -they inspire you to greater heights, but you often think of them as teachers or grim task masters You don't have an easy time of it with Capricorn, because this sign represents your Ninth House -meaning higher education, long journeys, aspirations, philosophy, philanthropic enterprises. This is good, especially where publishing and writing are concerned Capricorn also is favorable in connection with preparing an advertising campaign. No, not easy, but you are inspired.There is certain to be physical attraction here -both Capricorn and Taurus are Earth signs -and Capricorn's Saturn lends reality, a solid base to the Taurus Venus, which can be flighty.

You can succeed in a relationship with Capricorn. But first, an understanding must be reached on an intellectual level. There must be mutual respect You can't dive headlong into this association. Capricorn expects much of you. And until you are mentally conditioned to read, write, to expand and broaden your horizons, such a relationship would be premature and almost destined to break up.

If, however, you are prepared to grow, to break down barriers, and to enlarge your scope-this indeed can be a very fulfilling associations. Capricorn subdues your tendency to act on impulse. You are encouraged to view questions with the idea of obtaining answers. This means you think before you act. Saturn sobers you so that you become more analytical. Your appetite for travel is sharpened -and, in a literal sense; Capricorn whets your appetite for foreign foods. Your horizons will broaden-and if you are ready, latch on to Capricorn!

In connection with Aquarius, these persons could have much to do with your career. The Aquarius individual touches that part of you connected with ambitions, aspirations and the relationship between Taurus and Aquarius can be a harmonious one. Aquarius, like your own sign, is fixed. Both of you are stubborn; tend to be set in your ways -you are both determined and you both want to lead the way. Aquarius is Uranus and, combined with your Venus, this could lead to bizarre situations. You have loads of fun with Aquarius. You encounter new experiences. If you want any rest, you won't stick to Aquarius. But, if you want excitement, intellectual and otherwise, you have found your match!

The Aquarian touches that part of your chart, which affects your position in life...your goals ambitions, profession, your business, your standing in the community. But, where Aquarius is concerned, you want to be the boss. And where you are concerned, the Aquarian is apt to think he, or she, knows what is best. It is likely to be a case of too many generals and not enough soldiers. Two fixed signs, such as Taurus and Aquarius, could lead to a stalemate. If you are ready to make intelligent concessions or are willing to listen to reason to present your arguments in a logical manner, then you and Aquarius could have a chance together. Uranus (Aquarius) and Venus (Taurus) blend to create emotional ups and downs. The relationship is not problem- free; it is one which requires discipline if it is to succeed. However, where business projects are concerned, Aquarius helps you fulfill aspirations and ambitions. Aquarius can lead you along new, adventurous paths -but you may not be a willing follower. And that, Taurus, is the crux of the matter.


Pisces people help you achieve your hopes and wishes - and you number many of them among your friends. Pisces affects that part of your solar horoscope associated with friends, hopes, and wishes. Your fantasies also are activated through your association with the Piscean. It is a case of the Pisces Neptune, combined with your Venus, which can be beautiful, but impractical. It can be illusion, which never turns to reality. But, on the positive side, you also can turn dream into actualities. You can transform ideas into solid projects. Listen, Taurus: Pisces is favorable for you. But you might expect too much. You could be setting Pisces on a pedestal. You could waste time, money and emotions. You must bring forth your Taurus practicality. Otherwise, you find yourself living in a dream world with Pisces. You spend and travel; you are extravagant, you wish and dream -and you never quite get down to business. There is definite attraction here. But what is needed is a solid approach, an understanding.

If you are serious with Piscean, you'll need to come to an understanding of what it is you are to accomplish. Then adhere to resolutions. Otherwise, Taurus, you find that you have been living a fantasy. Much pleasure is indicated, but you tend to skip essentials. If you can draw the line between wishing and direct action, then this can be a wonderful association. Otherwise, with Taurus, you have fun, but lack funds. Know this -- be prepared for it -- takes steps, which will make the most of what could be a very fine relationship. Pisces will encourage you, give you confidence, lead you to new social directions, get you out of the house, introduce you to stimulating people. But your cooperation in an essential ingredient. Without it, it is "no go.


Aries individuals affect that section of the Gemini chart related to hopes, wishes, and friendship. You are attracted to Aries.. The attraction can grow into Love. Listen, Gemini: you might start out playing games with the Fire sign, Aries. But don't play with fire if you are not prepared to get burned. The relationship here can be favorable, if you are prepared for the consequences. Those consequences include a lasting relationship, physical attraction, a liking of hopes and desires. Many of your friends are Aries native. Together, Aries and Gemini create adventure, travel opportunities. Your creative urges are accented. You love change, adventure, and travel. With Aries you could find the perfect companion or mate. But you both tend to tire each other. Realize, Gemini that Aries does like to lead the way. And you have some ideas of and you don't take your own -you tend to be experienced and you don't take kindly to regimentation..

You have a lot to learn from Aries. But in the process, you could be rubbed the wrong way. Expect a fascinating relationship but the road is not smooth. You will have to arrive at an understanding. Otherwise, much of your energy will be spent in arguing, in conflict. Generally, Aries is favorable for you. Your interests are heightened. You read. You write. You express opinions. You travel. Very exciting if you first decide that Aries is going to be the boss, no matter what! The Mars of Aries and your Mercury ruler blend to produce excitement, travel, a tendency to argue but a basic attraction, which makes it a pleasure to reconcile. Aries may force you to get down to business where ideas are concerned. If you don't mind being led. Eventually Aries could be instrumental in aiding you toward goals, toward fulfillment of desires.


Taurus individuals make you aware of your Fear. Taurus tantalizes because you find it difficult to understand the true Taurean. Listen, Gemini: you can make this a successful relationship if you rise above petty complaints. Taurus inspires you to see a project as a whole, not in bits and pieces. If willing to share knowledge, to learn and to teach, then this becomes a profitable association. Taurus persons affect that part of your chart related to the unseen, the unexpected, the hidden - the mysteries of life. Taurus also encourages you to join organizations, clubs, and groups. Taurus encourages you to enter institutions of higher learning. You are attracted, yet also have apprehensions concerning the Taurus person. Taurus shakes the skeletons in your closet.

Secrets are revealed - You learn to live with the true facts of your life. Taurus stands fast and encourages you to unburden yourself of problems. Gemini and Taurus are neighbors of the zodiac, side by side. But both signs exhibit almost opposite qualities, Perhaps, Gemini, that's why you are fascinated by Taurus. While you are restless, Taurus is fixed in nature. While you are On the move, Taurus very often is stubborn and adverse to change. There is a tendency for you to become bogged down in this relationship. Unless you are willing to make some major concessions, such an association does represent problems. But you are no stranger to trouble, Gemini. And Taurus could kelp settle you, could bring a needed element of stability to your life. The Venus of Taurus blends with your mercury ruler highlight intuitive qualities. With Taurus, there are clandestine meetings; secrets are shared. A romantic atmosphere prevails, But the relationship could lack balance, leaning one way or the other. Your restlessness and the Taurus tendency to stay put could create problems.


With another Gemini, there is action. You begin projects. You renovate and revise; you modernize. The relationship is stimulating. Ideas are transformed into action.. With another Gemini, there are inventions, pioneering projects. Impulse rules and the pace are quick. Gemini women are most appreciative of gifts and surprises. Flowers, followed by a theater party, will help her to realize your worth. Always remember, she doesn't want to be tied down or restricted. Gemini women can also exhibit a disturbing habit: they laugh at the wrong times. A romantic moment you wish to say or do something momentous and Gemini is laughing. Laugh with her! Here's a warning: when you get used to them, Gemini women can become indispensable. But if you let them know it, you could be in for trouble!

Loosen the reins: the less you appear dependent, the more you will be depended upon. She has a great sense of humor for this, you can forgive much. It is a great and wonderful quality. With her, you can be exasperated: your nerves will tingle, sometimes with joy - at other times, simply because you're becoming an emotional and physical wreck! But listen: she can be worth it! The Gemini man barks loud, but his bite is a mere nibble when it comes to chasing other women. Remember this: don't try to inhibit him through jealousy. If you do, this, he is apt to rebel - then the bite equals the bark. You can lose him through possessiveness. Give him plenty of room and he will come home to make a home, to make you happy. He is versatile, alert, charming and blessed with loads of energy. No matter what the weather, he is willing to go out, to be on the move, to experiment, to satisfy his curiosity- He may tire you, but complaining has an adverse effect. He may agree you have a right, at times, to be downcast. But, in reality, he expects you to keep your coin up, to keep smiling. Hold on to him - but be subtle about it!


Cancer activates that part of your solar horoscope associated with money and personal possessions. Your Mercury, combined with the Cancer Moon ruler, produces a tendency toward moodiness. Ups and downs in the emotional area are not uncommon in this relationship. An element of self-deception exists. You tend to view Cancer in an idealistic light. When flaws appear, you are surprised. If, however, in the very beginning you are realistic, then the match has a better chance to succeed. With Cancer, you have a tendency to try many things, to experiment, Eventually, you could come up with a moneymaking plan. It takes Persistence. Cancer provides a steadying influence, especially where funds are concerned. If you are willing to overcome some of your wanderlust, then Cancer could be ideal. Cancer appreciates your sense of humor.

Cancer stimulates you to think, to create. With Cancer, you can make money and valuable contacts. But it takes a mature Cancer --- and a grown-up Gemini - for this relationship to last. Unless a special effort is made, the relationship could evaporate - by mutual consent. Each is sensitive to the moods of the other. Depression proves catching. Constant dialogue is a necessity. Otherwise, minor misunderstandings grow out of proportion. Cancer makes you security-conscious. You are less likely to speculate, more apt to go in for solid investments. You add to possessions - you spend to earn. You invest. Cancer helps you to understand land values, real estate. Cancer gives you a sense of pride in ownership. In all, the relationship represents challenge. The effort could be worthwhile; but success in this association does not come on a silver platter. You must earn it.


Leo person's fit into your general scheme - you are attracted to Leo, Leo mentally stimulates you and you would like to settle down and make a life with Leo. But, Gemini, Leo can be elusive. Very often Gemini and Leo get together to learn lessons from each other. Leo sets a fast pace and, Gemini, for once you are willing to slow down. But, Alas, Leo is just getting started. The signs are compatible. A sense of humor prevails in this Relationship lots of laughs. But laughter can become shrill and turn to tears. Unless you are willing to keep up, to read, to write, to travel, to make changes, then the harmony that prevails at the beginning could sour. Leo individuals inspire you, give you ideas, and make you want to give of yourself. Many of your contacts and your romances are associated with Leo.

Domestic conditions can be at the center of your relationship with Leo. There is talk of common residence, marriage you find, to a degree, peace and harmony with Leo. But, listen, Gemini: the chief result of this relationship is mental stimulation for you. Ideas are plentiful. But Leo tends to discipline you. Leo encourages you to be discriminating to choose the best of many plans, schemes, ideas, and possibilities. Whether or not the Gemini-Leo relationship lasts, it does provide fireworks and plenty of heat. But, ideally, Gemini, you require warmth. And whether or not the heat will ultimately generate warmth depends on the degree of determination exercised by both Gemini and Leo.The Sun of Leo and your Mercury blend to create a kind of stimulation, which results in short journeys, heated disputes, separations and reconciliation's. To put it mildly plenty of action!


In connection with Virgo, these persons tend to restrict you, to bring home an awareness of responsibility. Virgo and Gemini share the same ruling planet, which is a mercury. Combined, this produces a relationship, which smacks of me first. When you talk to Virgo, you don't listen. Instead, you half-listen while planning your answer or retort. Virgo affects that part of your chart connected with home environment, stability and property. Virgo tends to correct you and slow you down. When done in a constructive, sympathetic manner, this is all to the good. The key, Gemini, is to choose a mature Virgo. Otherwise, there is conflict, even combat.

You have never been noted for choosing the right persons. But, when dealing with Virgo, realize that long range projects could be at stake, as well as your future and such material things as property and home. When you play with Virgo, you are playing for keeps and you had better not enter the game in the first place unless you are familiar with the rules, the regulations and the possible consequences. Gemini and Virgo are drawn together by circumstances, by mutual interests affecting the security of both. Listen, Gemini: you do have lessons to learn from Virgo. But be sure you are ready before you enroll in the class. The "double dose " of Mercury raises the question of who is to take the lead. Virgo wants to serve, to offer constructive criticism. You want action. Who says when to go, when to remain? That becomes a major point of contention in this relationship. In all, Gemini and Virgo really have much in common; but the fact that friction exists between you cannot be denied.


You relate to Libra in an exciting, creative sense. The signs Gemini and Libra are trained, or compatible. You are aroused physically by Libra. Libra touches the area of your solar horoscope associated with love, sex, affection, courtship and self-expression. The Gemini-Libra combination equals Mercury and Venus, and the two signs together can make profound music. Plainly, this is no relationship that can be laughed off, tampered with or taken as a lark. If you're not serious, Gemini, don't become involved with Libra. The stakes are too high, including children, affection, and the very heartbeat of your being. You see, this is not the very heartbeat of your being. You see this is not the kind of association you turn on or off. Once on, the light burns brightly. Once on, the heat generated leads forward, to complications, to involvement. We should repeat, perhaps; if you don't intend to get involved, don't start with Libra in the first place.

Listen, Gemini: you learn from Libra of dedication and love. You learn to give, to exchange and to receive graciously. It's very important to adhere to principles. Once you fall down on these, the relationship suffers. The higher you set your sights, the better for both you and Libra.. Your wonderful teaching and reporting qualities are stimulated by the relationship. Your creative resources are brought forward. Children could have muck to do with this relationship. Gemini with Libra is especially harmonious when dealing with youngsters. Basically, the relationship is healthy. The attraction is there and it could, for you, represent basic fulfillment. You may find Libra too placid. You may want Libra to possess more get-up-and-go. But the steadying influence here could be advantageous. Patience, Gemini patience!


With Scorpio you are intrigued, but the relationship can be a trying one. You tend to finish before you start, to envision such great projects that you are tired before you actually get going! With Scorpio, you work. You try to break through but find yourself in a kind of maze. You run hither and yon, which is familiar to the Gemini nature. Scorpio touches that part of your chart associated with service, pets, employees, and general health and jobs as differentiated from position or career. The Scorpio individual makes you aware of health and work resolutions - and regulations. In connection with Scorpio, you become the person who helps, who aids those with problems. Usually, Gemini, it is you who confides in others. But Scorpio confides in you and, before you know it, you have promised to tackle a project. You begin working and then you begin to rebel.

This is not an easy relationship because it might lack some of the excitement Gemini craves. There is a steadying influence; you can gain from it. But you have to be patient, and you must be dedicated. Scorpio makes you finish what you start. And this, in itself, is good. You see, Gemini, you do your best when you know that there is nowhere to go until a current cycle is completed, the job finished. With Scorpio, you get down to the business at hand - and you usually finish it. Gemini needs at least one Scorpio. This is because natives of this sign serve your needs. You don't always know what it is you require and Scorpio helps clarify this area, The Pluto of Scorpio, combined with your Mercury, enables you better to perceive long-range goals, You may change your mind, may take detours, but at least you do know where you Ultimately are going.


Here is a case of opposites attracting each other; that's the way it is with Gemini and Sagittarius. The Jupiter of Sagittarius blends with your Mercury to signify responsibility, money, powerful emotions, and intensified relations. Sagittarius can cheer you, stimulate ambition, help educate you and cause you to concentrate on a goal. Sagittarius spotlights that part of your solar horoscope related to marriage, contracts, legal affairs, partnerships and public relations. Natives of this sign touch that part of your chart related to the way the world looks to you. And, very often, Sagittarius looks attractive to you.

There are no halfway measures here; it is all the way or nothing. Once the knot is tied, once the relationship gets started, there are responsibilities and an air of permanency. The affairs of Gemini and Sagittarius inter- mingle. It definitely is not a matter of hit-and-run. Know this, Gemini, and act accordingly. You can make money with Sagittarius. You gain authority through added responsibility. Sagittarius can kelp make you feel more secure. Sagittarius philosophizes; Gemini is active. These traits form a bond of attraction. An association with Sagittarius could he serious business. It could lead to a commitment, to anything from a business contract, to a partnership, to marriage. Sagittarius helps make you more optimistic. You see where you are headed - and can detect ultimate profit. Your days of aimless journey are over when you team with Sagittarius.


Capricorn appeals to your sense of mystery and glamour. But money is involved and you must attend to details. You see, Gemini, Capricorn persons will not readily understand your restless nature. And they make demands. You are capable of fulfilling these demands ... but this doesn't mean you will want to do so. It's not very easy for you to keep secrets from Capricorn. In a positive sense, Capricorn relieves you of burdens and helps get to the bottom of mysteries. In a negative sense, Capricorn merely gets under your skin. You learn about yourself through a relationship with Capricorn. You dig deep, uncover mysteries, and see a side of yourself, which was not previously visible. Capricorn encourages you to seek investment opportunities. Capricorn can teach you to invest in your own talents. You gain through this association, Gemini, if you're willing to bear down - if you mean business. Capricorn will see through any halfway methods or Half-hearted attempts.

The keynote of the relationship is money, responsibility and hidden assets, this may not be the most romantic combination, but there is drive here and certainly there is attraction. Capricorn helps you get started and could he instrumental in providing a greater degree of financial security. Listen, Gemini - if you need balance, if you desire a sense of well being then you have found the right individual in Capricorn. Some of your freedom is curtailed. You learn to play the waiting game. With Capricorn, you learn to be observant. You dig for information beyond the superficial level. Capricorn teaches you to be thorough. With Capricorn, you handle the money of other people. You will have an interesting time, but the restrictions could become depressing.

With Aquarius, you tend to he restless, almost as if you were associating with another Gemini. Aquarius touches that part of your Solar horoscope related to journeys, mental activity, publishing, writing, the ability to reach out and stretch above your environment. Aquarius persons stimulate you to learn and cause you to be dissatisfied with the status quo. The Uranus of Aquarius and your Mercury add up to a finalizing, of desires. Aquarius leads you, always promising more ---- until you become rather exhausted from following and anticipating. Uranus and Mercury respectively rule Gemini and Aquarius. This, in turn, points to a kind of mental acrobatics.. You certainly will meet your match in Aquarius if you are seeking to be far out. You'll get a great companion and counterpart if you want to he on the move, to travel, to learn, to report and to record your findings.

Aquarius gets you going, stimulates you --- and then may have a change of heart, a change of mind. Aquarius could represent something of a burden for you.. Such an association means responsibility, but not necessarily any financial reward. Aquarius gets you interested in causes. You campaign and expend nervous energy. But, Gemini, when it's all over you may ask yourself, "What do I have to show for it? "If it's excitement you seek, and a better understanding of the world in which you live, then don't hesitate to tie up with Aquarius. But if it's profit that is your motive, it's best to look elsewhere. With Aquarius, you could embark upon long journeys. Uranus (Aquarius) and your Mercury blend to create progress. Interest in the welfare of others is emphasized. You create better conditions for others, but often at a sacrifice to yourself. That's how it is likely to be when you team up with Aquarius. Overall, the match is beneficial. In any case the excitement of self-discovery is featured.



Here, with Pisces, your career is affected. So are your ambitions, aspirations and so, too, is your status. The Neptune of Pisces blends with Mercury, your ruling planet, to produce an element of confusion. Pisces puzzles you. There is an air of mystery about Pisces and you want to penetrate it. Neptune and Mercury can add up to creative imagination or it can add up to deception. The final answer depends, of course, upon the Pisces and Gemini individuals. You, Gemini, are apt to reach out for perfection in this relationship. You want to advance, to gain authority and power. Pisces aids in these directions; but, very often, it is on Pisces' terms. You may be deceived into thinking you can be the dominant one with Pisces. This will not be the case. Pisces, in a subtle manner, leads the way. You eventually could become an unwilling follower!

There are problems here; there is also an abundance of romantic feeling. But the romance could lack staying power; it is not so much passion as it is anticipation. In a way, your relationship with Pisces is akin to chasing a rainbow. It seems within grasp, but somehow proves evasive. The relationship seems nebulous and on the brink. There is desire. There is also illusion. Turning illusion to reality is the task to be accomplished if the relationship is to succeed. Pisces could drive you and demand an accounting of your accomplishments; this might build resentment. It is fine for the fulfillment of certain ambitions, but takes muck will power if it is to result in a lasting partnership. Gemini and Pisces learn from each other and the lessons could be difficult ones. If, Gemini, you' re just out for a lark, you could get your wings clipped.



Your sign, Cancer, gets a career boost from an association with Aries. Natives of Aries affect that part of your solar horoscope connected with prestige, career, and ambitions. The Mars of Aries acts as an electric charge; you Set going, you quicken the pace, you sell, you drive, and you declare yourself "in the race." Aries, nevertheless, can help set you up in business. Aries can show you how to utilize your assets. At times, Aries sets too fast a pace; this causes you to become apprehensive. You want to be sure of security; you check before taking a major step. But, with Aries, you are in business, an entrepreneur. Your standing in the community rises; your ambitions become realities. Yet, with all this potential, there is emotional conflict. A major conflict could arise where your home is concerned. Aries might choose one place, one area you could select something entirely different. The fiery temperament of Aries and the receptivity of the Water element of your sign do not mix. The relationship succeeds on all fronts only if both Aries and Cancer are mature. Also, if other aspects between the charts (requiring horoscope comparison) are harmonious. Basically, the relationship could spark activity, but could also end up as a flask in the pan..

Aries and Cancer become impatient with each other. You find that Aries encourages you one minute, and then offers criticism. If you are a woman, an Aries man will kelp you attain commercial success. There is also a degree of physical attraction, although it is not over- whelming. If you are a Cancer man, the Aries woman could nag you until you better your position in life. You can both - Cancer and Aries - exhibit a stub- born streak. Neither one is an angel. And you could certainly learn from each other. If you feel adventurous, Cancer, give it a try!


With Taurus, a genuine friendship can ensue. But Taurus could also encourage an extravagant streak in you. Taurus is an individual you want to impress. In so doing, you go all out-you spend time and money. Taurus is well aspected to your sign, Cancer, but you must know when to get down to business. Otherwise, the relationship can become one of all play, no work. Then you become resentful of lost time and money you sulk, you become moody. This can be avoided if you learn to balance business and pleasure. Taurus has lessons to teach you. If you observe, you learn. But if you merely accept and put in time, there is not much to be gained.

In connection with a Taurus individual, you could find yourself going in circles. You start here and end up at the time beginning. Which means, Cancer, you will have to provide the sense of direction. Taurus persons affect that part of your chart having done to with pleasure, aspirations, and friendships. There can also be a strong physical attraction. Although you meet people through Taurus, you are apt to end up ultimately being interested solely in Taurus, which leaves you right back where you started in the first place. Your Moon and Venus of Taurus could add up to romance. You appreciate each other. More important, you are each tolerant of the foibles of the other. There is the mutual respect inherent in this relationship. It is evident, Cancer that many of your dreams, hopes and wished could be fulfilled through a close association with one born under Taurus.


Clandestine affairs, mystery, and intrigue are featured when you get together with Gemini. Some of your secret desires in this area can be fulfilled by Gemini. With Gemini, a kind of storybook romance ensues; the secret meeting, the pacts, the promises, the broken appointments, the misunderstandings, the coincidences which seem to occur when the people are intimate. The signs are regarded as neutral in relation to each other, but the Gemini Mercury and your Moon ruler can create an atmosphere of subdued tension. Gemini affects that part of your solar horoscope associated with institutions, restrictions, and secrets. You tend to confide in Gemini persons. You find them interesting because, by some means, they cause you to look inward.

Gemini has a tendency to shake you up. The relationship could proceed on promises or could burst as if a fragile bubb1e. Plainly, there is a lack of reality in this association; you are charmed by Gemini animation. But you may find it difficult to pin down these persons. You gain through Gemini if activity is associated with raising funds for charitable organizations. That's the general pattern; what you get is not personal profit. With your awareness of money and property, you would find Gemini a kind of luxury rather than a necessity. There is a tendency for Gemini and Cancer to criticize each other. The two persons care for each other and, thus, are seeking to correct faults. But, invariably, an eroding takes place; the relationship tends to grow thin. If it is a secret romance you seek, Cancer, then you have found the right individual. But, for practical purposes, Gemini may not fill the bill.


With another Cancer, the association tends to get tied down with red tape. It is not the most exciting relationship. Two Cancer individuals are apt to find much to criticize about each other. The Cancer woman needs to share your life, not merely wait on you. She needs assurance and reassurance. If you want this woman to be your lover, you have to let her know she is loved. If you do, the result will he an exciting, satisfying relationship. This woman demands sincerity and an abundance of affection. She is feminine; she is, above all else, a woman. She is also practical. If you give as well as receive, she will be strongly attached to you. If you deceive her, she has the sixth sense to uncover the deception and to unload you.

A Cancer man will let you spoil him to the point of no return if you so permit it. A good meal is satisfying to him, but he wants to know that the food was prepared with an ingredient of love. He has much to offer, but he doesn't give easily. You must make him aware, from the beginning, that his relationship with you is to be an equal partnership give and take. He makes numerous demands, because he thinks (often rightly so) that he's worth it. He is affectionate, needs to know you'll be there when he needs you. In turn have him realize that you have some needs and some requirements of your own. Do so without being tough. A gentle, loving approach is a winning one. He will value the relationship more when he understands how much you value yourself.

There's much attraction in this combination; also, Leo is apt to brighten your financial picture. Your Moon combines with the Leo Sun signification to make life interesting. There are enough differences to create healthy curiosity. The relationship is not apt to be dull. Leo affects that part of your chart related to income, money, and personal possessions. You accumulate additional goods with Leo. This makes it necessary to stimulate income potential. And this you can do when combining forces with natives of Leo. Your horizons broaden; you have an interest in obtaining the better things in life.

Leo can be obstinate; you are protective. The relationship is not problem-free; there are obstacles. It is probably going to be necessary, Cancer, for you to play the receptive role while Leo is dominant. This does not mean you should he dominated. But you probably will be the one to give ground if the relationship is to last. Leo is fascinated by you; the feeling in Leo, where you are concerned, is one of fear mingled with security. Your feelings are more clearly defined; you sense that Leo can provide you with necessities and lead you on to glitter and gold. You may have to permit Leo to chase you until you catch him. Social life improves when you combine forces with lively Leo. A key word is expansion. You do not stand still with Leo; there is travel, study, writing, advertising, self- expression. Leo could tire you - but you won't be bored. Leo needs praise, while you require security. These elements can be successfully combined, provided both you and Leo are mature and sincere. With Leo, you are seldom in one place for very long. Questions are asked and answers demanded. With Leo, there is much affection and some of it could be showered on children. You tend to regard Leo as your opportunity to express inventive qualities. If you want to play games with emotions, find someone else. With Leo, You could become inextricably involved.


Virgo persons affect that part of your chart related to journeys, relatives, ideas, and restlessness. The combination of Virgo's Mercury and your signification, the Moon, makes for plans, for ideas, for a desire to experiment. On the negative side, Cancer and Virgo cook up half-baked schemes. On a positive level, Virgo stimulates you mentally and some genuine progress could result. Virgo individuals make you think, and analyze. But, Cancer, you tend to seek perfection here. Virgo prods. Virgo criticizes. Virgo is aware of health, of work, employment. And if you intend to live a life of ease, you had setter look elsewhere, Virgo doesn't let down easily. There is apt to be a steady flow of pressure. Virgo makes you aware of rivals, of competition. Virgo causes you to be dissatisfied with existing conditions. The two signs are well aspected, but you get along best with Virgo if you do more listening than asserting.

Virgo could irritate you through constant striving toward improvement. Virgo will try to change your diet. Virgo will urge you to see this specialist, that one - and yet another. You will embark on numerous short journeys while relating to Virgo. There is stimulation here, but the ties need cementing or they snap. It might be best for you to choose a Virgo who is older. Otherwise, the pace, the movement, the changes, the appointments, could prove tiring and contribute to frayed nerves. The Moon-Mercury combination can best be described as brittle. Virgo loves doing things for you. But you may find it difficult to pin Virgo down; just when you are ready to settle down, Virgo is on the move. The biggest problem is likely to be deciding how and where to live. Virgo admires you, is more than mildly interested and this admiration and interest serve as a stimulus for you. If, Cancer, you don't expect perfection, and can put up with some friendly criticism, then Virgo is for you.


With Libra, you become concerned with security, with your position later in life. Libra makes you aware of investments, savings programs, home, and solid structures. Libra gives you a solid frame of reference which you can under- stand. This relationship, however, could get bogged down in a kind of work pattern, which does not nourish you in other directions. In association with Libra, you become security-conscious. You gain a degree of stability, because Libra affects that part of your chart. Libra emphasizes your Fourth Solar House - this is connected with domestic surroundings, Home, property, land and the foundation for a prosperous future. Generally, there are obstacles to this relationship. Libra churns your apprehensions - makes you so aware of the need to build that you could despair of ever accomplishing your goal.

But, Cancer, if you are ready to settle down if ready to concentrate on Home and family then you may Have found the right person in Libra. A thorough understanding is required before coming seriously involved. With you and Libra, that understanding comes about through a dialogue. You can't take things for granted with Libra. Everything has to be direct and on the line. Do some thinking and analyzing, state your conclusions to Libra, and then evaluate the reaction. The Venus signification of Libra combines with your Moon indicator to suggest material success. Certainly, your portfolio of stocks could grow, if this Holds your interest, with Libra, the aim is toward having something ready for tomorrow. But you are apt to be so well prepared for tomorrow that you miss living today. That's one of the problems of a relationship between Cancer and Libra. Understand and perceive if wise and determine, you could make it work..


With Scorpio, there is physical attraction. Scorpio natives touch that part of your chart relating to love, to excitement, to speculation, to children, to courtship, to change, to variety- and adventure. There is plenty of compatibility between you and Scorpio. But don't play games. This relationship is likely to be for keeps where Scorpio is concerned. Know this and act accordingly. There is the warmth of attraction here-and the sparks easily ignite into a roaring flame. With Scorpio, there is change and you soon come out of any shell. Listen, Cancer; realize you are attracted to Scorpio. Accept that as a cold fact. Don't attempt to rationalize. But, along the same line, don't misinterpret the attraction for anything else.

The attraction gets Cancer and Scorpio together. How you build from there is another story. But what I am trying to say, Cancer is this: just because there is an attraction does not mean you will live happily ever after. That depends on how your complete charts blend. Basically, the two signs harmonize. You will have to be the receptive one -Scorpio presses, is forceful and dominant. If you are wise, and if you want the attraction to grow into something permanent, take appropriate steps Utilize your innate wisdom, Cancer. If you do this, Scorpio indeed can be for you. The Pluto signification of Scorpio, combined with your Moon ruler, adds up to physical warmth. Scorpio helps you pursue creative endeavors. The relationship is a powerful one; it builds steam. Unless. There is a constructive outlet, an explosion occurs. Scorpio is especially good for you when dealing with children. Scorpio helps you tap creative resources, aids in understanding emotions, including those of the primitive variety. If you can't stand the heat, though, don't' mingle Scorpio.


Sagittarius performs vital services for you. The Jupiter Sagittarius (combines with your Moon to encourage expansion, the tackling of assignments which keep you busy represent a definite challenge. Sagittarius affects that part of your chart related to health, work, pets, and employment service. Sagittarius can make life more convenient for you. Listen: Sagittarius is not as exciting, where you are concerned, as is Scorpio. But the relationship could be pleasant. Scorpio excites you physically and could cause you to work yourself into frenzy. Sagittarius is concerned about your health, about making you comfortable.

Natives of Sagittarius have a way of helping you to relax. You get basic tasks completed, but without strain. There is, however, a lack of fire here. With Sagittarius you investigate, try various projects. But the staying Power may not be too great. You tend, in this relationship, to lapse into a sort of sign attitude. On the negative side, you begin taking Sagittarius for granted; you expect to be served, cajoled. In turn, Sagittarius comes to depend on you in a financial sense. Thus, Cancer and Sagittarius fulfill mutual needs, but the tie may not be binding. The Jupiter of Sagittarius comforts you; you feel there is more to accomplish, additional places to see, a multiplicity of experiences to encounter. This ultimately, however, could create a vacuum where satisfaction is concerned. "What's next" could become your refrain with Sagittarius. The mixture here could separate before it jells; knowing this; enter the relationship with a sense of awareness. If you do this, success could crown the mutual efforts of Cancer and Sagittarius..


You break from routine in relationship with Capricorn. The accent here is on partnership, marriage, and public relations. Brings you out of yourself. The Saturn of Capricorn combines with your Moon signification to stress independence originality and new experiences. You are attracted to Capricorn but much in the manner that opposites attract each other. Capricorn inspires confidence; you are able to break the status quo. With Capricorn, you combine efforts, interests; the relationship could lead to marriage.

You gain not only confidence with Capricorn, but also a greater sense of responsibility. You aim at achievement. Capricorn can cause you to be dissatisfied with what you have. You aim for greater heights. Capricorn make of the public, of reaction to your efforts. With you are not likely to maintain the same habit patterns. You see the new; you want to test your skills. You seek plaudit approval. Where previously you might have settled in niche, you now strive to break down barriers. That's effect Capricorn is likely to have on you. Cancer and Capricorn may have opposing views. But it could happen that both change and both discover new interests. If this occurs, Capricorn and Cancer can together. And, of course, this would make an ideal's and create a fine relationship. Both signs have an innate desire for security. Yet, working together, they are willing to take a chance on new ideas, no projects. They could make excellent business partners. With Capricorn, if you're both mature, you could find, constructive outlets for the desire to give and receive, to serve and be rewarded; you could fan an inner flame that lights future prospects.


Harmony could prevail, if financial problems are overcome. Aquarius touches that part of your chart related to the occult, the hidden, to the money of partners, to the financial situation of others: money is a definite part of the picture and so is mystery. Natives of this sign intrigue you; you feel they have the answers to mysteries. You confide in Aquarians; this includes intimate matters. Aquarius stimulates your interest in the occult. Although you desire security, you are receptive to ideas that are unorthodox. Aquarius highlights this part of your nature. And Aquarius causes you to visualize domestic harmony based on a tie of real affection. Although you are more directly attracted to Scorpio, in a physical sense, you also are drawn to Aquarius. With Scorpio, you know the reason for the attraction; with Aquarius. The attraction is there, but it is not always obvious.

Going into partnership with Aquarius could prove profitable. Whatever the relationship, it tends to evolve around possessions, profit, mutual benefits, and interests, even marriage. If you're married to one who is not an Aquarian, your mate could have financial dealings with Aquarius. With Aquarius, there is concentration upon material goods. Also, there is an emphasis on home and harmony in the domestic area. You are able to kelp Aquarius find profitable means of self-expression. And the relationship could prow mutually profitable. The Uranus of Aquarius combines with your Moon Signification to produce a sense of adventure. With Aquarius, you could strike it rich-in more ways than one.


You enjoy traveling with a Pisces individual. Pisces touches that part of your chart related to journeys, including journeys of the mind. Learning becomes an adventure. Both Cancer and Pisces are Water Signs and well respected to each other. A great deal of sympathy exists, but the two of you tend to get into a rut of gloom. This happens when your ideals are not fulfilled. Together, Pisces and Cancer may want to change the world overnight. Knowing this, Cancer, don't rush things. Read, study, and be perceptive and subtle. And don't try to loss the Piscean. Pisces may appear weak, but when you push too hard, Pisces rebels. Pisces is good for you when it comes to expressing views in written form. Pisces helps you to publish, to advertise, and to gain a wider audience for your creative efforts. Your intuitive intellect is sparked by Pisces. And, Cancer, your ability to perceive trends is also heightened. You are a naturally sensitive individual and in association with Pisces this sensitivity could express itself through extrasensory perception. Which means you seem to know, seem to sense what is going to occur. Trust your hunches when Pisces is around.

The Neptune of Pisces combines with your Moon signification to accent inspiration, spirituality and, at times, a complete lack of practicality. With Pisces, your view is far-reaching: you are concerned with philosophy; with the way people who are far away think and live. Your horizons are broadened; you could take an overseas journey in the company of Pisces. The relationship is favorable, though at times it could lack solidity.. The Moon-Neptune combination is a romantic one; there is an abundance of idealism. But the blending here could be woven with gossamer threads.


With Libra, you may be confused, but you are stimulated. And for you, Leo, stimulation is the spice of life.. It makes the wheels go round and gets the creative juices flowing. That, Leo, is what Libra can do for you.

There could be a lack of solidity in this relationship. We know that we are dealing with Sun signs, and that a complete horoscope takes more, much more than the Sun position into consideration. But, basically, the solar horoscope does tell a great deal, For example, it tells us that Leo and Libra are compatible but that you, Leo, tend to deceive yourself this relationship. You scatter your forces. You run hither a yon. You thrive on the excitement, the beauty, the roman it is Leo being in love with love all over again. What I saying is that you must strive for a more practical approach this relationship is to turn into something of lasting.

Libra touches that part of your chart related to ideas, neighbors, hobbies, and mental pursuits ... the take apparently unrelated facts and blend them into a story. Bright conversation is a feature of any Leo - Libra association. It's very pleasant for muck of the time - but, Leo sometimes the edge becomes sharp, perhaps even cutting. Your Sun and the Libra Venus do add up to romance However, there are doubts which plague you - and you tendency to be jealous comes to the fore here. You have work to succeed in this relationship. It could be Perfect, if you are flexible. Libra is sensitive and you can be domineer the answer is to loosen the reins. Libra can teach you much the realm of art and justice. The question is, "just how m are you willing to learn?


There are obstacles here. You want freedom. With Scorpio, there are additional duties, responsibilities. The Pluto of Scorpio, combined with your Sun signification, adds up to sexual attraction. But there is also controversy, because Scorpio affects the part of your chart that is related to domesticity, long-range programs, restriction and parental authority. You display a tendency to rebel with Scorpio. Some perfectly marvelous arguments could take place here. On the constructive side, disputes clear the air. On the negative level, emotional scars result.

Scorpio helps you with real estate. Scorpio can aid in making purchases of lasting value. With Scorpio, you are forced to be Practical. Scorpio could manage your funds. Scorpio could get you to work on time. Scorpio could curb your extravagance. However, in so doing, Scorpio might also curb your zest for living. It depends, of course, on the individual Scorpio and the specific Leo. A complete horoscope comparison is advisable. Generally, the classic Scorpio and the typical Leo have a job to do in making this relationship a success. You could feel tied down, forced, restricted. But, in the best sense, this discipline could work to advantage. You could He forced to utilize creative talents in a manner. Your magnanimous nature would not be w fair-weather friends. You would do more entertaining you would save money. And with Scorpio, you could put money in the bank and purchase property, which increases value. Scorpio elevates your standing and aids your career potential. You may rebel, but you also respond Response, for a Leo, is essential. Which means you seldom are indifferent with Scorpio. With all the problems, the ultimate challenge could be worthwhile and lead to success.


Physical attraction is featured, The Jupiter of Sagittarius and your Sun blend to provide stimulation. Sagittarius affects that part of your solar horoscope related to sex, children creativity, speculation, and general excitement. With Sagittarius, you seldom are satisfied with the status; you want changes and variety, Jupiter and the sun create an air of optimism. You can expand your interests a find an outlet for some of your Hidden talents. Sagittarius challenges, stimulates, and inspires. You could bring forth abilities that were obscured. With Sagittarius, could He happy because you are kept creatively active.

Children often add to the Happiness of a Sagittarius- Leo relationship. For you, Sagittarius represents adventurer it is the adventure of variety and travel and not knowing what might occur next. The unexpected could become a way of life - and a sure way of retaining youth. The Jupiter of Sagittarius Helps you overcome any tendency toward depression. There is a willingness here to buck the odds, to overcome obstacles, to do what appears impossible. It is always necessary to build on a solid base and, with Sagittarius this can be accomplished. There are obstacles. One of the disagreements that could arise is based on where to live, where to settle, what to do in later years. But, the assets outweigh any deficits. Eventually, Leo and Sagittarius could resolve conflicts concerning residence, long-range plans and goals. In the meantime all can have fun. If you want someone who unlocks the door to your creativity, you have found the right person in Sagittarius. These are two Fire signs; the light could burn bright and result in Happiness and achievement.

Some restriction is evident; the Saturn of Capricorn and You're Sun spell responsibility, long-range plans (often interrupted) and some financial pressure. Capricorn affects that part of your solar horoscope associated with health, employment. With Capricorn, basics are involved, including basic chores and basic misunderstandings. Leo and Capricorn attract each other; but there is an "edginess" to the relationship. It could get bogged down with details and you might feel held back, restricted. With Capricorn, you could create something of lasting value. Capricorn helps get your name to the right people. Capricorn aids you in sustaining your efforts. Capricorn can discipline you, but it is ultimately for your own good. You don't always appreciate Capricorn, but it might be a case of too much familiarity. Capricorn is reserved and you can be flamboyant. Capricorn takes this in stride while you would prefer", surprise, applause, gasps of appreciation.

Capricorn helps you mature. What Capricorn does, in the main, is to make you aware of some shortcomings. Unless you are mature, you don't take this in stride. However, if you're mature, this can prove beneficial. Capricorn is patient while you are impulsive. Obviously Capricorn and Leo can learn from each other, although the lessons are not always pleasant. Capricorn helps you face reality, which can be a task. You will discover what is of value, what is mere fluff. You may the sensational with Capricorn, but you will get the basic. And Capricorn will help you distinguish true friends those who merely have their hands out.


Aquarius stimulates you, you are attracted, but much in the manner that opposites attract each other. The Uranus of Aquarius combined with your Sun signification, spells change, travel, variety, communication and challenge. Aquarius affects that part of your solar horoscope related to marriage, partnership, legal affairs, and public relations. our individuality is sparked; you could be angered into action. You are intrigued. You are drawn, but often against your will. Aquarius causes you to examine your conscience, to become concerned with altruistic causes. You could marry an Aquarius. You could also, on the other hand, become a dedicated rival. Your feelings, obviously, are ambivalent. That's the way Aquarius affects you: up and down approval and disapproval, elation and anger. With Aquarius, You do not think the same, remain the same as before you move, change, analyze, and get involved.

You are a natural showman. You want attention. Aquarius has interests, which are unusual, to say the least, you are drawn to and want to learn from Aquarius. But envy exists. When You recognize this in yourself, you become resentful. Because Aquarius has caused this self- recognition of a weakness, you tend to lash out and blame, accuse.. It's a delicate relationship, not always easy. But if it can be made to work, it works well. Uranus and the Sun-Aquarius and Leo -add up to excitement, discovery, invention, and advancement and can lead to a Breakthrough in unorthodox areas. Certainly, Leo, this kind of association will provide challenge. Maintain your balance; don't paint yourself into a corner. If you know where you are headed, even though the route is subject to change, this can work to your advantage.


You strive to fathom the "mystery" of Pisces; that sign's Neptune combines with your Sun signification to create pressure, hidden desire, some restriction and a feeling that steam is building toward an emotional explosion. Pisces affects that area of your chart dealing with the hidden, the occult, with other people's money, with sex and secret information. Pisces is of the Water element; your zodiacal element is Fire. The two do not mix. This means that there are obvious problems-but there is also intrigue, which builds into magnetic attraction. Pisces does fascinate you; you want to impress, to show that you are not only worthy, but also desirable. Pisces exhibits a tendency to serve you, to placate, to anticipate your desires and moods. You want the relationship to continue but in some instances there is a triangle. A third person could stand in the way.

Listen: you take on responsibility when you take on Pisces. There are financial procedures or legal issues to consider. Someone else's money is involved. Pisces represents that part of horoscope related to the finances of a mate or u could find that funds are tied up in connection association. Be sure, Leo that you know what it is you really desire. Playing games in this area is inviting fire and flood. However, mature and sincere, there could be benefits, both and emotional. It depends, of course, on the horoscopes of the individual Pisces and Leo involved. The Neptune of Pisces is compelling where you are concerned; it stands for mystery, illusion and romance- right up your alley.


Oddly, you are apt to fear Aries. At least, you may be slightly afraid of the typical Aries because you think he, or she, may be taking something, which belongs to you, including innermost secrets. The Mars of Aries and your Mercury combine to whirl your mind, to step up your mental activities. The key to overcoming this fear is to learn to maintain control. With Aries, your thinking processes are stimulated. But, unless controlled, you can go off the deep end. Aries affects the area of your chart that is related to the hidden, the occult, to legacies, inheritance: Aries stimulates your desire for mystery. There are ideas and there is travel connected in your association with Aries.

Money enters the picture and you discuss investments. A broker who advises you regarding long-range investments might be an Aries. Natives of this sign excite and intrigue you, but keep you so active you could become tired with them. Nevertheless, if you need to raise funds, Aries could line up investors. Aries provides some of the spice of life, some of the mystery, and is instrumental in getting you on a sounder financial footing. With Aries there is attraction, but also resentment from you. You argue; there is conflict, and some of the disagreement could center around who owns what - who is entitled to specific funds. The relationship is exciting, but you would find Aries headstrong, in opposition to your tendency to analyze before acting. Perhaps a bit of Aries in your life is needed. It depends of course, on the degree of maturity in both signs, and a careful comparison of complete both of your natal horoscopes. The combination of Mars (Aries) and Mercury (Virgo) could mean too much, too soon-it's quick, impulsive, exciting but not without an element of danger. That's the way Virgo adds up with Aries



With Taurus the emphasis is likely to be on travel and publishing, on developing a more definite philosophy.. Definite attraction exists here; the Venus of Taurus harmonizes with your Mercury. Taurus affects that part of your Solar horoscope that is related to long journeys, the higher mind, publishing and the expressing of your personal philosophy. Taurus aids you in settling down to a goal, a purpose. That is, settling down in the mental area. Where travel is concerned, you are apt to do plenty of it in connection with Taurus. Taurus can be stubborn; you are more flexible and it will be up to you to initiate action. With Taurus, your intuitive intellect comes into play. Your powers of perception are heightened. You find a cause. Basically the signs - Virgo and Taurus - are in harmony. In some areas there are difficulties, which is true of almost all individuals. In this specific instance, the difficulty arises when you want to move and Taurus wants to remain. If too receptive, you could find yourself in a rut, emotional and otherwise. If too aggressive, you could spark a flame of resentment, which disintegrates the relationship. You must tread lightly and must always be diplomatic. Remember, you win your way with Taurus - you do not force.
Taurus aids you in determining where to go, when and why. But Taurus, left unchecked, could discourage you from going anywhere. What holds you together is that you have much in common. Both signs are of the Earth element and the essentials of life are important to Taurus and Virgo. What could separate you is a conflict of interest in the areas of travel and political opinion. Taurus can brood, can remain silent and sulk. You are active, energetic and willing to let bygones be bygones. Compromise on the part of both Taurus and Virgo is necessary, The relationship could thrive, and it certainly could prove worth the effort - for both you and Taurus.


There's very active relationship where Virgo and Gemini are concerned; the double effect of Mercury (which rules both signs) makes for extreme restlessness. Both you and Gemini might want to lead the way - and so, the relation-ship is not devoid of some intense arguments. It's very good for business projects but dissension is apparent of the emotional level. Gemini affects that part of your chart related to ambition, prestige, general standing in the community. Gemini can help in your career; you make numerous contacts with Gemini, engage in numerous activities. With Gemini, a desire to get ahead is prevalent. There is no halfway: it's all the way or bust. Much conflict can be avoided i, early in the relation-ship, the decision is made about who is to give the orders.

Gemini helps sharpen your sense of originality and independence. Gemini accents your desire for admiration. Gemini can get almost anything from you by pretending it was your idea in the first place. Gemini could be good for your career. Ideas flow at a fast pace. But, Virgo, you will have to be selective. Otherwise, there simply are too many irons in the fire. This means you get involved in numerous schemes, plans, ideas, situations - but this could merely add up to a watering down of efforts, a spreading too thin, a scattering of forces and a basic lack of concentration. To succeed in association with Gemini, you will have to be a steadying force. Otherwise, arguments ensue and little or nothing is actually accomplished. If you're seeking peace and quiet, Gemini is not for you. If you are seeking to make room at the top for yourself, Gemini can be a valuable ally.


Cancer activates your hopes and wishes; the Moon of Cancer and your Mercury signification blend to make you moody, and introspective. But Cancer basically encourages you to be a visionary. The signs - Cancer and Virgo - are well aspected. Your social life improves with Cancer, but you are more difficult to please, harder to satisfy. Your eye is on the future and you tend to want to change your environment. With Cancer, you begin to enjoy life to a greater extent. Contradiction exists because, with the pleasure, there is also a longing. Cancer introduces you to new friends, concepts. Thus, you are not satisfied with the status quo. You are stimulated - and want improvement, want to make wishes turn to realities. This is not a relationship devoid of problems, but the plus factors appear to outweigh the minus ones.

Cancer is Beneficial for you; social activity picks up and you are able to define your desires. It may be upsetting in the sense that you realize what is lacking if desires are to be fulfilled. But you do get at the truth, and this could free you of foolish inhibitions. With Cancer, the key is to avoid needless brooding. You could, on the negative side, feel alone at a party. Cancer prods you where ideals, career, and income are concerned. Cancer wants security and pushes you to move up, to make contacts, to cultivate worthwhile persons. Your innate sense of humor proves invaluable here; don't permit it to be overshadowed by cynical social contacts. In all, the Virgo-Cancer relationship is harmonious especially if you have been in a shell, afraid to really express yourself. However, if you insist on seeking perfection in Cancer, you will probably be inviting disillusionment. You'll learn some fine points about food, about the good life. And if you can bring forth your wit, your sense of balance and service, then the association could thrive.


Leo mystifies you; with Leo, there is intrigue and the combination of the Leo Sun with your Mercury could blend into an incandescent effect. There is attraction, but the relationship could feature clandestine meetings, secret maneuvers and possibly involve you in scandal. Leo affects that part of your chart related to secrets, restrictions and illicit romance. Money is involved and the "good life" is lived. You might, as a matter of fact, live it up so much that practical affairs are neglected. Much is hidden in this relationship: you may become enamored of Leo at a time when you are not free to meet openly or be seen together. Somehow, Virgo, the relationship with Leo affects you in this manner: there are deceptions, a third person involved, secrets.

Listen: there is much to favor your association with Leo. Your sense of beauty, and art is enhanced. You learn and can be inspired. You can add to your possessions and you could marry Leo. But, like many other relationships, this one certainly contains its share of complications. Leo sparks your intellectual curiosity; you want to know the why of Leo. You investigate and you often take the initiative in getting the relationship off the ground. You soon learn how much flattery means to Leo. With your quick, mercurial mind you detect the Leo flaws as well as assets. Leo's romantic nature and highly developed imagination haunt you. You may try to forget, but putting Leo completely out of your mind is no easy assignment. Leo could help you in television, motion pictures. Leo could aid you in organizing special clubs, and groups. You could succeed in making personal appearances with Leo. The two signs make each other look good. You could do much worse than Leo. But, despite the good times, an air of apprehension is apt to linger. Keep your guard up; the Leo charm could throw your for a loss as well delight you.


With another Virgo, you see many of your own qualities -some favorable, others leaving something to be desired. The relationship meets a main obstacle in the questions of who is to be the dominant force. Two Virgo individuals are apt to clash. Each wants to lead, be the critic and work toward a specific goal. But the goal is not always the same. You have much in common, but on the whole, you two may not find it easy to harmonize. The Virgo woman appreciates money in the bank and wants a ring on her finger. She is discriminating, often regal, and can be tiresome in her pursuit of cleanliness. She doesn't like loose ends; she wants everything to be in place. She wants to know what you're up to; more often than not, she is aware of the details of any project you might be contemplating. She is not easy to fool; it's best to confide in her. If she loses faith in your veracity, you can lose the pleasure of her love. Never, never underestimate her. She knows what it's all about, from business to love. And if you won her, don't lose her through a patronizing attitude.

The Virgo woman wants to know where she trends. And she wants to stand tall. She must be the highest on your list. Otherwise, you will lose her. She is intelligent, loyal (if you are), frank, discriminating and she has a wry sense of humor. The, Virgo man is demanding, He doesn't settle for second place. You must make him feel he comes first. He is mercurial, earthy; he usually says what he means - and, most often, He does mean what he says. If you are looking for a slick Romeo, look elsewhere. He is practical enough to be a good provider and sensitive enough to know when you're pretending. He is practical, honest, and fair: he is also basically sky. He has difficulty expressing sentiment. His feelings run deep. But there is an emotional shell.. You must be patient and, above all, loyal. If you're considerate, he will rise above adversity and will strive to bring you the gift of happiness. He is the opposite of pretentious. You should aid in building his confidence. He needs a woman, who has faith in him, can appreciate his willingness to work toward and achieve major goals. Once he feels he can trust you, he is transformed; he changes from failure to success and devotes his energies toward your welfare.


With Libra, your money sector is affected you become more discriminating. You select objects of art and beauty, you begin collecting, and you start a hobby. The Venus of Libra combines with your Mercury signification to produce romance but with a definite practicality. With Libra, you do not merely spend, you do so for a purpose: a collection, an investment, the obtaining of a dividend. Where the romantic aspects are concerned, you also tend to be shrewd. Libra is gentle and you are analytical. The combination ' could prove of ultimate benefit. And it is a good bet that, if you see it in this light, you will take charge.

With Libra, you set the pace and call the signals, even though Libra may be completely unaware of it. Libra is artistic, just, a seeker of harmony; you can drive a bargain and utilize Libra to help you put across a deal. Through Libra, you can obtain a sell-paying situation. Libra can fall in love with you, although it is you who initially makes the pass, takes over, is aggressive, and breaks the ice. A Libra who does not have his guard up is putty in your hands. Your intuition works overtime with Libra; you assume the role of teacher, guiding in health, financial and other matters. An unsuspecting Libra might wind up completely dependent on you. Though not without complications, the relationship is generally favorable. There are benefits, especially financial. You also can raise your cultural level through association with Libra. You are naturally alert, intelligent, quick; Libra helps smooth some of the rough edges. You're doing all right, Virgo, if you have gentle Libra interested in your welfare!


The Pluto of Scorpio, combined with your Mercury signification arouses ambition; and the Scorpio emphasis on your Third Sector causes you to be dissatisfied with things as they are. Scorpio causes you to be restless; with Scorpio there are numerous short journeys, dealing with relatives, a sifting of ideas and a tearing down in order to rebuild.

Scorpio and Virgo are basically harmonious. With Scorpio, you will attract people along with their questions and problems. You succeed with Scorpio in advertising, in a consultant capacity. This is an exciting relationship, but not a restful one. Your forces are scattered; there is aura of confusion. Ideas are plentiful but lack the basis for personal philosophy. There is much laughter here, but some of it is shrill. Scorpio values you as a friend. You value Scorpio as one who encourages you to wake up and live With Scorpio, your ideas are revolutionary. What was accepted is apt to be overthrown. As stated, the signs are well aspected; but the tendency is to drift far field: original goals are replaced and a general longing to be someplace else takes over. Disputes with relatives could as a result of this relationship. It is an unusual one, to say the least. You become ambitious; you seek greater recognition. Scorpio helps bring people to you. Scorpio spurs you on, makes you desire to spread your views, to break barriers of restriction.


With Sagittarius, there is pressure and added responsibility. But there could also be greater rewards. Sagittarius makes you aware of what must be done and gives you a degree of self-discipline. Rather, Sagittarius causes self-restriction. There is a dependency on Sagittarius - and likely to remain unanswered. Sagittarius affects that part of your chart connected with time, home, security, and long-range projects. One of your parents could oppose this relationship. It is not without obstacles. For you, Sagittarius could be the voice of authority. The Jupiter of Sagittarius, combined with your Mercury Solar signification, can be exciting. But the plans are grand and the extravagance causes a drain, which cannot to plugged.

Listen: you could learn to adore Sagittarius. But the opposition of someone who is important in your life could be like throwing water on a roaring fire. It fizzles. There is emotional pressure for you where this relationship is concerned. It is anything but problem-free; you tend to attract a Sagittarian who is considerably older than you are. And you learn from Sagittarius especially about the open road and the open mind. Some of your new concepts conflict with family, duty, and tradition. The relationship brings many benefits, but you don't always enjoy them. You tend to feel closed in, restricted - you could feel you are being trapped because, most certainly, the freewheeling habits of Sagittarius conflict with your own neatness, preciseness, your pattern is a place for everything, while Sagittarius merely lets things fall into place. If you desire a greater awareness of responsibility and if you really desire a certain niche, a place in which to build a nest and to settle, Sagittarius is for you. Otherwise, the relationship takes twists and turns which could make you less than happy.


You are physically attracted to Capricorn, but the relationship could prove frustrating. The Saturn of Capricorn restricts your quick-moving Mercury; you may find your creative urge is confined. You are drawn to Capricorn and children could be involved in the relationship. Capricorn affects that part of your solar horoscope associated with children, sex, speculation, and creative resources. With Capricorn, the desire is to develop your style; but, at times, the necessity is to fulfill duties and obligations. You tend to become impatient. The signs-Virgo and Capricorn are generally harmonious. Both are of the Earth element and both can be stubborn. Capricorn could overwhelm you. Thus, while the urge is to create, to express, you might find yourself taking a back seat to the needs of Capricorn.

Capricorn causes you to rebel. The rebellion is aimed at standards, as they exist, at your personal status quo. With Capricorn, there is change, travel and variety - with the spice of physical attraction an added ingredient. But, basically, the restriction is ever-present, creating a challenge; an obstacle, which you feel obliged to overcome. You pursue creative endeavors with Capricorn. You enjoy what you do for a certain amount of time. Then, Virgo, you decide that you do, after all, know what is best. This creates conflict, especially it the question is related to children. If you want to release a creative surge, then Capricorn is for you.. But if you expect complete freedom, there could be disappointment. Capricorn does not grant that kind of freedom: there are strings attached. Basically good that describes Virgo and Capricorn together. And it is very likely there will be at least one Capricorn in your life.


You tend to seek perfection with Aquarius: this includes work, health, and security. The Uranus of Aquarius blends with your Mercury signification to stimulate and also to cause some impractical plans to culminate. What is hoped for is in the realm of the fantastic the past is to be wiped clean a new road is to be built, a life is to be lived which is to be devoid of problems. But life is not a fairy tale and soon there are practical considerations, since Aquarius affects that part of your chart connected with work, health, and relations with associates. Aquarius can be jealous. And you can want to challenge any hold anyone might think he (or she) has on you. Then the idyllic relationship becomes one marred by squabbles, disagreements, sudden flare-ups-even divorce.

In a sense, you feel threatened by Aquarius; you strive to conform. But this striving could be transformed into a break for freedom - with the shadow of Aquarius bearing down. Now, listen: it is not all bad. Much associated with Aquarius is creative, constructive, fun, stimulating. But you are forced to be practical and, unless it's strictly on your own terms, this might not be your cup of tea. Although Aquarius is not lover of conventions, there is resentment if your mercurial flirtatiousness comes to the surface. You could feel you are being oppressed. Knowing this in advance could forestall difficulty. If you're prepared to forego some desires and activities, Aquarius could be right for you. Otherwise, you might find yourself running away from the relationship. See Aquarius in a realistic light. Don't build a castle on sand. Life will not be a daydream with Aquarius. It might add up to work, restriction, and responsibility along with stimulation and advancement.. Go into this with your eyes open and you can make a success of the association.

You are attracted to Pisces, but this could be a case of opposites attracting. Pisces touches that part of your solar horoscope associated with marriage, partnerships, the public, and public appearances. Forces are apt to be scattered as a result of the combination of the Pisces Neptune and your Mercury. Outlines tend to be hazy. It is a question of not confusing the real thing with fantasy. Your imagination is stimulated but mostly because you oppose Pisces methods. Which means, Virgo that you try to find ways and means of asserting yourself. The aspect between Pisces and your sign is an opposition and, although Pisces tends to play an important role in your life, it is not always a pleasant one.

Pisces makes you aware of your appearance, of the public, of public relations. Pisces is your challenge. Pisces can irritate you because you tend to be precise, while Pisces, in your eyes, can be deceptive. Pisces and Virgo have much to learn from each other and often eye each other warily. Basic issues tend to be clouded. And where solid accomplishment is concerned, this combination could be an exercise in futility. On the positive side, concessions are made, and the two signs learn each other - perhaps reluctantly so but nevertheless they do learn. With Pisces, you don't always know what you want. This tends to cause you to wander, to experiment, to seek greener grass. You could marry Pisces. You could also battle Pisces. And, very likely, you could travel with Pisces. Long journeys seem to be an integral part of this relationship, which if it gets by early hurdles, might be a lasting one.


You could marry an Aries; in the case of your Venus and the Aries Mars; there is an abundance of attraction. This involves your basic gentleness and Aries' aggressiveness. It is an instance of opposites attracting each other. Aries affects that part of your chart having to do with marriage, partnerships, legal commitments, public relations, the way you face the world and the way the Mudge. Obviously, the result could be emotional fireworks. This can be exciting - but even so, excitement can wear thin. You know what you want, but you may want more than Aries can provide.

On the negative side of this relationship, you draw upon each other; you sap each other's energy. You come alive but you also become weary, wary and apprehensive. The moments of joy become spaced with times of worry and frustration. With each setback, there are step forward: you are almost like a general, planning each move. What starts as spontaneous combustion could conclude in a studied demeanor, which is taxing to say the least. On the positive side, a genuine attraction can overcome most obstacles. The steps backward become constructive exists on both sides, marriage, home and family could result. You learn from Aries; some of the lessons are bitter ones. Others are those you will treasure. I suppose, Libra, one can only say that you will be attracted to Aries, you might join forces with Aries, and it is certainly within the realm of possibility (and more) that you will find happiness with an Aries.

But it won't always be easy!


Taurus individuals intrigue you, mystify you, and, at times, put you in your place. Both your signs, Libra, and Taurus are associated with the planet Venus- and this is a pleasure-seeking combination. You feel deeply with Taurus. You don't do anything halfway. It is all the way - or nothing. Taurus touches that part of your chart related to money from unusual sources, legacies, a mate or partner's finances, the occult, the hidden, mystery and metaphysics. Listen, Libra: you are a person who is aware of rights, of justice and injustice. Taurus tends to perch, to protect a piece of ground. In combination, you might become impatience with the patience of Taurus. Taurus could cause you to borrow money. Taurus affects you in a manner which causes a sigh, a Thought that perhaps settling down might be the solution. But to settle down in the comfort to which you both would like to be accustomed takes money. So, a loan borrowing from partners, friends or a bank comes into the picture.

The Venus of Taurus and the Venus of Libra spell social activity, luxury. Listen - when you get together with Taurus a dent is made, money is spent loans are negotiated. It could be positive, and could lead to happiness. It all depends on the individual Taurus and on you. Basically, you will laugh with Taurus. You will enjoy luxury, but you will want finer things, you will need more than mere possessions. This is where Taurus could fall short. You may feel Taurus is too blunt, too earthy. You could say things, which hurt Taurus. And once Taurus is aroused, there is retaliation.. The relationship succeeds as long as there is laughter. After and beyond that . . . it depends on how the complete horoscopes harmonize, or otherwise. It certainly, however, is worth a try!


Gemini is restless and, where you are concerned, this proves contagious, That is, the restlessness of Gemini "gets to you." And it is quite evident when you are with Gemini: the desire to travel is accented. Also, a relationship with Gemini spurs your creative urge, makes you want to write, publish, and advertise. The Mercury of Gemini and your Venus can combine so that you rise above petty details, flaws. But, Libra, it will be up to you to provide the balance. The two signs - Libra and Gemini - are harmonious, in trine aspect. A friendly relationship exists almost from the beginning. You "hit it off," share similar qualities, even though you are much more sedate than Gemini.

There is an intuitive force that exists when you get together with Gemini. You are inspired to teach, write, and develop your personal philosophy. Mercury and Venus blend to bring about appreciation of beauty, to make you better able to evaluate objects of art. You could become active in importing and exporting with the aid of Gemini. You certainly will travel; you begin to know what people think and desire. You are able to anticipate trends, and cycles. You are able, with Gemini, to articulate your thoughts, opinions more effectively. Obviously, the relationship is favorable. Gemini and Libra are different enough- and enough alike to keep the spark of interest glowing. Your ideals are stimulated here; your goals are brought into sharp focus. With Gemini, you can accomplish much, if you don't try to do too much at once. There could also be a tendency to procrastinate. Thus, there are extremes: either an attempt to try everything at once, or a tendency to wait too long. Finding middle ground, a Libra balance, could assure the success of a relationship with Gemini.


You get down to business with Cancer; the Moon of Cancer and your Venus blend to attract money, and responsibility. However, Cancer affects that part of your chart related to career, standing in the community, prestige and important enterprises. Cancer may be too practical for your taste, but there are some common bonds, which could hold you together. Cancer could teach you the value of money. Cancer could stimulate your career. And Cancer definitely stimulates your appetite for success. Your ambitions are awakened in association with Cancer. Natives of this sign have a knack for pushing you to your full capabilities. There is no malingering with Cancer; you do or you don't. And it is very likely you will.

After you achieve a basic goal, the relationship could bog down; you might tend to lose interest. Cancer looks up to you, and thinks of the future. But the Cancer view, with you, is apt to be long-range, while you are sighting a more immediate goal. The Moon-Venus combination is romantic, but not necessarily capable of withstanding rough spots. This means, Libra that you will be attracted to Cancer, even fascinated, but when the initial glow wears off, the question of survival could produce a negative result. The base may not be solid; the cards could come tumbling down. After a goal is achieved, Cancer may want to go on, to save for that proverbial rainy day. You may, on the other hand, want to enjoy your gains, especially along cultural lines. You may want to pursue an artistic course, while Cancer could be ultra-practical, especially where food and money are concerned. In all, this is an interesting combination and might spell a success story. On the emotional level, much depends on how each sign "gives," and how many concessions are made on both sides.


Your social life improves with Leo; there is attraction and the Signs are compatible. Leo affects that part of your chart having to do with friends, hopes and wishes. With Leo, you are going to get out and around; new friends, revised desires, a more outward view are indicated. Leo sparks your creative urge. The Leo Sun and your Venus combine to make you an envied couple. The relationship is largely built on romance and illusion. Muck of it can be considered beautiful; some of it is wishful thinking. Neither Leo nor Libra takes kindly to criticism; flaws repel both signs. Both you and Leo will have to be aware of the other's sensitivity.

For you, Leo represents a bright spot, although some of Leo's claims, aspirations and activities could leave you slightly agape. The two signs together - Libra and Leo - tend to become involved in some unbelievable situations. The key is to separate illusion from actuality. With Leo, you tend to see people and situations in a rosy kind of glow; there is danger of self-deception. It's important to know what is real and what is illusion, to transform imagination into a genuine creative force. Otherwise, disillusion sets in and the relationship could suffer. Your innate sense of balance must be called into play. Leo is showmanship and a bright light; you are gentle and romantic. Together, there is beautiful music, but there are some practical considerations. For example, it probably will fall to your lot to watch the budget. Leo can be extravagant. You enjoy this to a degree, but you must also know when and where to draw the line. Libra and Leo seek perfection. When practical matters impinge on the relationship, the durability of the combination rests on whether or not there is sufficient maturity. There is romance, beauty, and adventure here. Perhaps one shouldn't expect or ask for much more!


You will meet secretly, make clandestine agreements and generally find that romance can be delicious. But, Libra, a third party could enter the picture and the specter of the Green-Eyed Monster is ever-present. This is not to say the relationship cannot succeed. The Mercury of Virgo combines well with your Venus; there are fun and games, but that part of your chart associated with secrets, confinement, or doubts is stressed by your association with Virgo. Your sense of fair play could be offended by Virgo, but you simply cannot kelp being intrigued. Virgo lets you in on secrets you feel you should not hear; Virgo confides information, which you might find embarrassing. But, with Virgo, you also are introduced to worthwhile organizations, including charitable causes, which appeal to your sense of justice.

Virgo gains in a financial way from this association. You gain in a romantic manner. Together, there could be mutual gain, but there is an aura of secrecy. Virgo does tend to "hide" things from you. To insure success, insist on the facts, not promises. Insist on solid commitments, not vague implications. Virgo is restless; you are idealistic. Together, there could be an intuitive feeling of how things might be. But how they actually are may be something entirely different. Libra with Virgo can be successful, but there are also undercurrents of discontent as Virgo experiments, laughs, criticizes and flatters while Libra attempts to balance, beautify and justify. This can be most unusual; don't get involved with Virgo if you're not playing your best game, because this one is likely to be for keeps. The stakes are high, and, if caution is thrown to the winds, scandal could erupt. Listen, Libra; you are going to gain some insight and you may suffer some embarrassment here. But you will, most certainly, learn where you stand on the ladder of experience. And this could compensate for whatever negative actions result. Libra and Virgo - it could last. But in the long run that must be left to the individual Libra and the Virgo concerned.


LIBRA AND LIBRA COMPATIBILITYWith another Libra, you share numerous experiences, many of them beautiful. There's lots of laughter, much art and light, but not too much staying power. This relationship is good for fun and games, but where settling down is concerned, there are apt to be problems. You come down from the clouds to face everyday realities and the relationship undergoes a marked change. It can work, but it requires wisdom and maturity. The Libra woman takes marriage seriously. She takes a relationship seriously. She is not apt to be promiscuous. She wants beauty and considers you a beautiful person. You can easily hurt her. She has character. You will have to be considerate or you will lose her. You will have to be kind or you will disillusion her.. If you succeed in winning her, you will have won for yourself an opportunity for peace, contentment and love.
The Libra man is sensitive, so much so that he can make you a nervous wreck. Please him but don't baby him. He wants to be manly, Praise and flatter him, especially along sexual lines. He is considered to be delicate, but he is lusty enough to fulfill your needs if you love him. To keep him, you will have to be aware of your appearance. He notices bulges in the wrong places! He may deny it, but he loves being told how handsome he is, how talented, how loving, how exciting. He's fragile, but worth the trouble.


Your finances, personal possessions, your desire to acquire -these are affected by Scorpio. The Pluto of Scorpio, with your Venus, has an electric effect. You are, with Scorpio, independent and willing to take a chance; you become a pioneer with the spirit to match. There is great attraction here, but you tend to be slightly selfish. You want to add to your possessions. Scorpio gives you the feeling that gain is not only possible, but also likely. With Scorpio, you become more independent in thought and action- with, also, a tendency toward selfishness. That is, you know what you want and you insist on having it because it is within reach. This is not like you. But, with Scorpio, there is brightness, hardness, a need- and you will go all out to fulfill it.

Scorpio is fine for you in connection with new projects. If you want to embark on a unique, even a daring mutual project, Scorpio is the one for you. Scorpio can help you raise capital; Scorpio can help you obtain genuine bargains. Scorpio can help you obtain genuine bargains. Scorpio can add to your possessions. There is physical magnetism here; you are drawn to Scorpios. There is also conflict. You and Scorpio both desire to be first. Usually, you are gracious enough to wait, to demur, but when you're with Scorpio something gets into you. Impatience becomes the order of the day; it is a quest for being there first; for striving, for staking a claim. It's an exciting relationship. But who will be the boss? That question should be settled at the outset. It is important where Libra and Scorpio are concerned. And who will do the budget? That too is important. Preferably there should be a division: one handles the money, and the other makes final decisions on what to do with it. This is delicate, but necessary with Libra and Scorpio.



Your mental faculties are challenged by Sagittarius, there is much activity in connection with short journeys, reports, dealings with relatives and neighbors. With Sagittarius, you put ideas on paper, you form conclusions and policies. There can be sense of completion in your relationship with Sagittarius. The two signs are favorably and, if you find yourself in a mental rut, Sagittarius is a very potent antidote. Sagittarius stresses that part of your chart representing family, reunions, and hobbies. Sagittarius encourages you to assert yourself. With Sagittarius, you become a self-starter. You begin putting your ideas into motion. On the negative side, Sagittarius confuses you. There is a tendency to try too much at one time, to spread yourself thin.

A constructive suggestion is to be sure you finish one thing at a time. Sagittarius means well but tends to view projects as a whole, to talk about dreams instead of getting down to the facts of the matter. You, Libra, prefer balance and a solid foundation. The combustion of Libra and Sagittarius can be pleasant, even fruitful. But both have to give a little and when you do, it is good for each of you in the end. Realize this-and make the first concession. Then, Libra you do gain from this association. The Jupiter of Sagittarius, with your Venus, combines to make drams come true. A wonderful dream is the keynote of the association. But do realize there is more than Air (Libra) and Fire (Sagittarius); there is also Earth, and there are practical matters. Give this a try, Libra. It could be beneficial.


There is discipline and restriction with Capricorn. The Saturn of Capricorn blends with you Venus to symbolize responsibility. Capricorn affects that part of your solar horoscope associated with age, long-range planning, home and solidity. With a Capricorn, you might feel confined. There is great emphasis on security. And if it is a home, a solid base, a familiar routine, which quells restlessness, then Capricorn is for you. But the two signs are different; not opposite, but different in the sense that where you seek beauty, Capricorn is after, prestige, standing, a final place to land. Capricorn could be your anchor. This is a port in the storm, or a mere weight, depending on the individual Capricorn and the individual Libra. Listen, Libra: Capricorn does not provide a problem- free relationship for you. If you are not willing to settle down and to play for keeps, get out of the game. Saturn makes demands; this means that most of the concessions will be on your part. Know this and make adjustments. But if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

If you have reached basic security in your personal evolution, you have found the right person in Capricorn (depending, always, on the individual and complete horoscopes If it is further adventure you seek, you're probably not prepared for this relationship. Capricorn helps you find permanent residence and build for the future. Capricorn aids in creating the proverbial nest egg, Libra and Capricorn are not well aspected, but nothing that we know of is perfect where human beings enter the picture. On the positive side, your beautiful Venus and the stern but rewarding Saturn could make a go of it. The question is ... are you ready?


You are physically attracted to Aquarius; there is a dynamic element here. Aquarius affects your fifth Solar house; that part of your of your chart connected with creativity, children, speculation and romance. The Uranus of Aquarius blends with your Venus to provide excitement, the suddenness of discovery. Libra and Aquarius are favorably aspected; the chances for success are great. The attraction cannot be denied. There is a desire to be one. The key is that you like each other. Listen, Libra: with Aquarius, there could be romance which ultimately leads to love and children. Emotions run deep. This is not a relationship to be taken lightly. With Aquarius, you are inventive. You try new things and you try to please. There is greater independence of thought, action; there are pioneering activities. Aquarius aids you in becoming a self-starter. In short, Aquarius can be an inspiration because Aquarius helps you come alive. With Aquarius, there is change, travel and an abundance of variety. Life is spiced, and you emerge from any emotional shell.

But the game is fast-paced, and you must not make yourself too vulnerable. In short, you could be hurt because Aquarius touches you where the heart is, where the emotions are, where you care and where you respond. Give of yourself without throwing yourself away. Be vulnerable to the extent that you give freely in an exchange. But do not, be vulnerable where you do all of the giving and receive nothing in return. Promises are fine, but something of a more solid nature is required. Know this, Libra, and take a mature view of your relationship with Aquarius. For mutual creative endeavors-Libra and Aquarius fit like a glove. But for details and routine, the glove may be the wrong size, unless both of you are mature


Pisces affects the area of your solar chart connected with health, work, and service. The Neptune of Pisces and your Venus add up to a combination of strength and illusion. With Pisces, basic issues come to the fore. You could lose patience and want to skip essentials. Pisces is not practical as a rule. However, with you - the Libra-Pisces combination Pisces accents the need to attend to necessities. Pisces Helps you keep at it, refine techniques. Pisces helps you appreciate basic services and comforts.

You admire the poetic side of Pisces, but you are wary about the dreams, the illusions. You should, with Pisces, take one step at a time. Pisces, however, Can make you trot and finally run, until goals are achieved. The key is to be ready when you arrive. Venus and Neptune can be a beautiful combination; in this case, the blend is also practical. Obviously, the Libra Pisces relationship can be successful. Both are delicate to a degree, both have hidden strengths. Pisces kelps you take care of your health; Pisces makes you exercise and diet-conscious. Pisces doesn't do this for many people; you can be someone special to Pisces. Exciting experiences can result from your relationship with Pisces. There is, however, a basic conflict. It centers around whether to accept the practical or to break bonds to defy conventions. The key, of course, is to learn the rules before breaking them. In plain words, be mature enough to know exactly what you're doing. Generally, Pisces and Libra can help each other. And that, after all, is saying a great deal


Aries has an odd effect on you. The Mars of Aries and your Pluto can coincide with frustration. Aries is Fire and you are Water; the two do not mix, which is not to say that the relationship cannot succeed. What it does indicate is that there are problems, more so than two individuals might normally expect to encounter. Aries natives could irritate you. You sympathize with their goals and their desire for independence. In sympathizing, you feel you should do something. But no matter what you do, you feel it is not enough. This creates a guilt feeling, followed by irritation. That's why the relationship could be described as odd.

Aries affects that part of your solar horoscope related to work, health, and the ability to harmonize with co-workers. Aries affects your employment, your ability to rise above your environment. With an Aries, you work - and enjoy it. You perform services. Aries helps you in a steady manner, is not sensational, but reliable. With Aries, you might feel bogged down, buried in details, surrounded by red tape. You get impatient. You could act impulsively, pushing logic aside. Both signs possess a keen desire for independence.. Both tend to be dominating. Naturally, this could create problems. Diplomacy is essential in any association with Aries. Otherwise, conflict results, followed by animosity and a breakup. With Aries, you get the job done and have the courage to overcome obstacles. It's not easy, but it can be done. It depends on the individual maturity of Aries and Scorpio. There is attraction. You are drawn to each other. The problems can be overcome. It is worth trying!


Taurus is your opposite number and there is profound attraction. You could marry Taurus. The Venus of Taurus and your Pluto combine to inspire independence, originality, a breaking from patterns, unorthodox methods. Taurus affects that part of your chart associated with marriage, legal contracts, public affairs, partnerships and public relations. You are drawn to Taurus muck in the manner that opposites attract each other. You can both be stubborn. Neither one is easy to live with - or to live without.

With Taurus, your viewpoint changes. You begin to see life through Taurus' eyes. Taurus helps you appreciate luxury, beauty, and the sensuous side of life. Both you and Taurus are passionate beings: a love relationship could be profound and meaningful. A partnership could succeed because you complement each other. But there are disagreements and it would not be wise to leave an argument Ranging. This means: settle differences as soon as possible. Trying to bury a grudge doesn't work; it smolders and erupts. You can't force issues with Taurus. You learn to be patient or the relationship does not last.

With Taurus, you embark on new projects and adventures. But you constantly see, feel, hear, sense and react in a Taurus manner. You, thus, could feel dominated. Taurus will not change, at least not without a firm struggle. Both you sign and Taurus are fixed, obstinate, determined; you're each convinced that what is right for the one is right fir the other. One of the two is going to have to decide whose will is to be that dominant one-there can only be one captain on this Taurus ship. If you want to shut out the past and get going with new experiences, you've found the right person in Taurus.


You broaden horizons with Gemini. You delve into areas that you previously considered to be restricted or taboo. You mental resources are brought into play, and your curiosity is sharpened. The Mercury of Gemini blends with your Pluto signification to take you out of yourself. The restlessness of Gemini serves as a challenge. Your Eighth Solar House is affected, and both you and Gemini are concerned with money, the occult, legacies, and a greater reward for efforts. Gemini discovers a part of your that very few (perhaps even you) knew existed. Gemini works to enhance your reputation. With Gemini, you have a chance for getting your viewpoint across to a greater segment of the population.

This is a good working relationship, but there are personal problems. You are somewhat frightened by Gemini analyzes, asks question, probes deep into your inner self. You feel challenged-and you react. There is attraction on a physical level- but it is likely to be you who are most attracted in this manner.With Gemini, many concepts of the past are discarded; you look to the future and are more aware of the possible results of your actions. Gemini makes you aware. This is not always an easy process-in fact, it can be painful. Many things that you formerly took for granted are reviewed- and some are changed. It's not always easy, but it can be constructive, though not always durable. If you want to make it last, it is necessary to take a long-range view, to overcome petty annoyances and to perceive the many charms of Gemini. If you want to live-and learn-Gemini is for you.


You harmonize with Cancer, because the Moon, ruling planet of Cancer, combines with your Pluto to promote a constructive relationship. You could marry a Cancer because there is, with a native of this sign, a desire to settle down and have a home of your own. Cancer affects that part of your chart having to do with long-range planning. You look ahead; you make adjustments. You begin to utilize your assets more intelligently. You begin an investment program. You gain Power because more people become aware of what you're about with Cancer, there is a solidity and you can bring together dissenting factions. Listen: you possess loads of power, creative ability which needs an outlet. Cancer helps find that outlet. Cancer makes a home or makes it possible for you to obtain a place you can call home. The Moon of Cancer has a magnetic appeal for you. Where disruptive elements exist, they evaporate when you get together with Cancer.

Both Cancer and Scorpio are of the Water element; both are sensitive and predisposed toward being psychic. There is a bond of understanding here. You could meet a Cancerian and feel you have known that person for a number of years. The appeal is on mental, emotional and physical levels. Now, listen: I am not attempting to describe some sort of utopia. Not all will be perfect with Cancer, nor with the native of any other sign. But the odds for your success with Cancer are greater than with numerous other natives. There is no sensational blast; the evolvement is gradual, but the progress is steady. You build, with Cancer, on a solid foundation. If patient and perceptive, mature and receptive, you could find greater happiness and fulfillment as a result of your association with Cancer. In actuality, Scorpio, of course, it is up to you.


Leo helps you investigate opportunities. But Leo is a Fire Sign and this does not mix with your Water element. This means there are problems, but none that cannot he overcome. Leo fires your ambitions. With Leo, there is change, variety, physical attraction and you also are mentally stimulated. At times there are disputes. Both are fixed signs; both can be stubborn. Both want to lead, to dominate, and to provide sage advice. The key is to take turns listening! Leo affects that part of your solar horoscope associated with career, ambition, prestige, and standing in the community. You gain greater fame, recognition and power with Leo. Together, you could build an empire!

But how you get on in a strictly personal relationship could be another story, as the two signs are not well aspected. The chief problem appears to be a tendency for one to try to impose his or her will on the other. Leo is strong, so is Scorpio. Leo strikes that area of your chart making you want to express, to rule, to dominate, to advance, to make room at the top. Leo makes you aware of potential, of possibilities, of power. With Leo, you are not going to be satisfied with the status quo; you are going to want to get a business of your own, to write rather than receive directives. With Leo, you will want to dictate the pace and, with Leo, you could successfully begin an enterprise, which brings with it opportunity for change and travel and the excitement of discovery. With Leo, there is physical attraction and ambition. The relationship is not without problems. But many of these are overcome by the intense activity the adventure of success, the anticipation, and the realization that the sky is the limit. Basically, even if the association were not permanent, you probably would not trade the experiences encountered with Leo.


There are good aspects here; Virgo enhances your social life and brings you friendly contacts. Virgo affects that part of your solar horoscope connected with wishes, desires, friends. The Mercury of Virgo blends with your Pluto to expand contacts, to put solid ground beneath your aspirations. What you do gain is a better reception with Virgo on your team. The emphasis is on appealing to a larger segment of the public. Beautiful dreams can become realities. Virgo has ideas and you have creative force. Together, there can be what amounts to universal appeal.

Listen: this depends on the individual Virgo and the individual Scorpio. At best, there is popularity and profit. At worst, there is extravagance, much promise, but a failure to carry through on unique proposals.

The Virgo-Scorpio combination is a good one.. You can complete projects and you can create items that are needed. But patience and persistence are requisites. Virgo can be restless and you can be obstinate. If mature, you can overcome the negative and accent the positive. That will be necessary if success is to crown your mutual efforts. On a personal level, the attraction is there, but it may not be permanent. You will have to dig deep for true understanding. Virgo is on your side and wants you to succeed. But you will have to return the compliment. Friendship is a two-way street and this is a lesson pushed home by your relationship with Virgo. The combination of Pluto and Mercury tends to rejuvenate, to put new wrapping on established products. But, basically, this is superficial and additional aid is required. You succeed with Virgo, but you require outside help. Luckily, Virgo can put you in touch with the right person. In all, excitement and adventure are spelled out when Scorpio and Virgo combine forces.


Libra is romantic where you are concerned. And, from your point of view, Libra is mysterious. With Libra, you become more creative, more concerned with the theater, with being where cultural events are occurring, with being a part of a creative revolution. The Venus of Libra and your Pluto combine for excitement, discovery, romance, independence, a shaking off of the past.. Libra affects that part of your solar horoscope related to secret fears, and doubts. Libra pacifies and excites you at one and the same time.

Listen: you differ from Libra. Some of your views, opinions are the exact opposite. But you are fascinated and willing to share, to learn. You could adore Libra. You could shower Libra with gifts in an effort to please. You'll find Libra opening the door to new concepts. And you do not want to lose Libra. Libra makes you look behind the scenes. Libra causes you to appreciate the subtle. Libra lightens your touch and transforms you into a romantic. Now, Libra is not perfect, nor are you. But together, there is a chemistry in you both which could ignite into a permanent attraction. The combination of Pluto and Venus is an unusual one. It is not easy to fathom. But it is there, standing unique and tempering beauty with strength. The fragility of Libra is given greater substance by Scorpio. The intensity of Scorpio is given a lighter, more humorous and artistic touch by association with Libra. This is an especially good relationship for you when engaged in the theater, motion pictures or television, Outside of those areas, it is good for club, group, organizational or charitable activities. Obviously, there is much that is favorable to commend this association.


With another Scorpio, there is apt to be a struggle for power. Both of you want to handle responsibility. You are "attracted to each other, but you are possessive of each other and want to run the show. There are problems, but they are "not apt to be financial. Together, you can succeed in business but tend to bury the tender part of the relationship - power and money and responsibility abound, but there could be a dearth of laughter. With another Scorpio, you aim toward success in a big way and could succeed in attaining major objectives. The Scorpio man won't be satisfied with anything less than your best. Also, remember that he usually means what he says. He has a gift of seeing through pretense. He can perceive, delineate, and render shrewd analyses in many areas including you. Don't attempt to reform the Scorpio man. He knows what he wants. If you want to lose him, start correcting his manners and speech. If you want to keep him, tries to understand, sympathize and cooperate.

The Scorpio man is physical, yet emotional; he requires love in its poetic sense, yet can be animalistic - brutally frank, brutally honest. He will, without doubt, let you know whether or not he is Pleased. And his pleasure is likely to come from you - if you are pleased, so is he. You will have to be patient-and Honest. Confide in him. Let Him know, in a tactful, mature manner, where he is pleasing you, where He is failing. If you do this, the Scorpio man is Happy and will go all out to make you Happy. He can be jealous; if you want him, you will Have to meet and pass numerous tests. But it could be well worth the trouble. The Scorpio woman is emotional, affectionate. She is capable of tearing down the past in order to rebuild for the future. She has an air of mystery, could he psychic, and she is a living lie detector. It's best to tell her the truth, no matter what the circumstances. She'll find out, anyway! The Scorpio woman is dynamic, explosive, and has a temper. But she is also exciting and fiercely loyal. Don't seek a relationship with this woman unless you are strong, willing to make mental - emotional adjustments --- and have a genuine respect for members of the opposite sex. She doesn't want to be patronized.

The Scorpio woman wants the facts, wants to know where it's at, wants to know how much money is in the bank and what the future prospects are. She is dynamic and explosive; she can lose her temper one minute and resemble a purring kitten the next. She can lead you a dizzying pace. She is physically attractive; she is hard to let go of-and you could become addicted to Her. She can be forceful, dominating; and she also can be stubborn. But above all, she is warm and can make a man so Happy that he'll forget that the word "trouble" is even in the dictionary.


Sagittarius can be lucky for you in money matters. The Jupiter of Sagittarius and your Pluto combine to create a steady force -one that can break through red tape. Sagittarius affects that part of your solar horoscope related to money, personal possessions and income potential. With Sagittarius, the basic flaw for you could be an idealized view of people and situations. There is, in other words, a tendency here to fool yourselves. This could lead to more spending than earning. However, if you are forewarned (as we are attempting now to do), the relationship could be profitable. This is because you find ways, with Sagittarius, of perfecting techniques, of creating intrigue, of providing an air of romantic illusion. And of having people pay for the privilege of basking in this aura!

Sagittarius is expansive, philosophical, fond of travel and very expressive. You, Scorpio, can be fixed, secretive. The blend with Sagittarius should be beneficial. New Horizons appear; you find an outlet for your intense feelings. In doing so, there is profit - emotional and other- wise. At times, however, you frighten Sagittarius. Your moodiness and possessiveness could send Sagittarius away. Know this, and if the relationship means much to you, open up and be pleasant more consistently. Being consistent pleasant will become a habit, a natural part of yourself. This is not to paint you as an ogre. It is just to say you do tend, very often, to live within yourself. This makes it difficult for others to communicate. You smolder sometimes. When that flame is fanned, it can emit a rush of heat, too hot for many to handle. Sagittarius is a Fire sign; your element is Water. There are problems because the two do not mix. You will have to work to make this relationship a success. But, Scorpio, it could be worth it.


There is laughter, activity, and travel when you associate with Capricorn. The Saturn of Capricorn and your Pluto blend to create action in many places at once. The danger is in scattering your forces, trying to do too much, and in being superficial. Capricorn affects that part of your solar chart concerned with relatives, short journeys and ideas. With Capricorn, there is excitement and seldom a dull moment. This is odd, because Capricorn is not always a humorist. And you, Scorpio, can be intense. But the chemistry of Scorpio and Capricorn together create laughter, movement, and energy. Some close relatives, especially brothers and sisters, may oppose the relationship. But very few things are perfect; the opposition can be overcome because Scorpio and Capricorn are well aspected.

Capricorn helps you to be more versatile and flexible. You are not as set in your ways with this native as you are with some others: there is more maneuverability. Scorpio is powerful and Capricorn is steady, and can be discipline-conscious. Properly harnessed, this combination can spell success. Certainly, there is flash, and inroads are made - but durability could be lacking. With Capricorn, you want to expand. Pluto and Saturn equal steam and there must either be an outlet or an explosion. The excitement of the buildup is present. The key, of course, is to discover the proper outlet. It may not be easy but is likely to be very much worth the effort. There are reunions, parties and social affairs, which dot your relationship with Capricorn. There are visits and trips; there could be writing and communication with those in other places. The two signs harmonize. There's much going in your favor with Capricorn. Really, Scorpio, it is up to you to make the most of it.


There are conflicts here, but you two can also get a job done. Aquarius affects that part of your Solar chart related to finishing things, security, home, one of your parents and long-range projects.. The Pluto of Scorpio combines with the Uranus of Aquarius to produce a deep-seated feeling that security is elusive. Thus, there is a drive for goods, for money, for anything which seems to add to security. That's a basic key to what happens when Scorpio gets together with Aquarius. The two signs are not favorably aspected. But, with Aquarius, you can get a business going, can build a House, can create an atmosphere which promotes security. There is physical attraction here, despite the numerous disputes which are likely to occur. It is not an "easy" relationship, although there is a genuine desire for Harmony.

A Pluto-Uranus combination takes you far from the conventional course of events. What occurs here is sudden, dynamic, exciting. Whether it is constructive or otherwise depends on the degree of maturity attained by the individual Aquarian and Scorpion. Aquarius is likely to look up to you, to regard you as an asset to his or her career or standing in the community, For you, Aquarius represents a solid base, especially where land and real estate are concerned. You can, with Aquarius, determine values, and this does seem to be specifically connected with a Home, real estate, land or property. Aquarius would be beneficial for you in these areas. Both Scorpio and Aquarius are fixed, and can be determined to the point of obstinacy. You find Aquarius exciting, basically because of what you consider "potential." You constantly take a long-range view Here. You overlook current inconveniences, even abuses. If you are seeking instant happiness, Aquarius is not for you. If you're willing to wait, then the relationship could prove constructive.


Your sign is well aspected to Pisces. Scorpio and Pisces both belong to the Water element. Both are impressionable; some claim that both Pisces and Scorpio possess extrasensory perception. With Pisces, you are creative and you get a new lease on life. Pisces affects the area of your chart that is related to children, sex, speculation and creative endeavors. The Neptune of Pisces blends with your Pluto to further intuitive knowing. With Pisces, you teach, you perceive and you are able to rise above petty obstacles. Certainly, this combination holds great promise.

There is great attraction here. Pluto and Neptune create a romantic aura and, once Pisces and Scorpio get together, it takes a storm of considerable proportions to separate them. With Pisces you succeed in rising to Heights of creative intensity. You Hurdle the petty; you teach, write, share knowledge and find an outlet for pent-up energies. With Pisces, you are able to detect trends, to set the feel of pulse of the public. The aspect between the sign is a trine, which is very favorable. Great joy through children is indicated for you when with Pisces. You also learn to appreciate your own unique talents rather than taking them for granted. Change, travel and variety are keynoted, too, through this relationship. You may be slightly impractical here; your ordinarily intense emotional nature is accented. The tendency is to act on impulse. With Pisces, you act first and ask questions later. Being aware of this distinct possibility, take steps to prevent it from running along negative lines. This could be a permanent relationship; it is loaded with emotional dynamite. Knowing this, don't play games with Pisces


You are physically attracted to Aries; your creative abilities are stimulated by this relationship. The Mars of Aries and your Jupiter signification blend to enhance your mutual social activity and prospects for travel. The two signs - Aries and Sagittarius - are harmoniously aspected; the odds are great for a successful relationship. You were born under a Fire sign; Aries belongs to the same element. A chord is struck, and a response is evinced. You are playing with fire when you're with an Aries. The association, for you, could mean children, love and marriage. There is no halfway here. This is far from a harmless flirtation.

You bring forth your creative resources with Aries. The Jupiter-Mars combination is excellent; it symbolizes a blend of direct action and long-range planning. A balance is struck and you can, with Aries, be contented on three levels: physical, mental and emotional. No one is perfect, and there can be problems in this relationship. One is a tendency toward actions devoid of reason. Impulse tends to dominate. You tend, with Aries, to act first and think later. Complications, quite naturally, could arise. The physical attraction here could lead to a situation that creates embarrassment and pressure. Be sure you and Aries are free - legally and otherwise - to see each other, to maintain a relationship. This is not something you can start and stop at Will. This game between Sagittarius and Aries is for high stakes. And once the chips are down, there may be no easy way out.


When you are with Taurus, there is emphasis on basic issues, health and work.. Ideals are high and methods of serving the needs of others are stressed. With Taurus, you have a desire to produce beauty, to create an atmosphere that spells out harmony. Together, the signs are neutral, but there is a basic attraction. For the long haul, Taurus and Sagittarius make a good combination. You, Sagittarius, are fiery and idealistic; Taurus is earthy, Practical and determined. This balances. The right amount of each could provide a winning mixture. For you, Taurus could represent a stepping-stone, a pause, and breather. You may lean on Taurus; you may expect and demand the maximum degree of dependability from Taurus. You may, in fact, ash too much of Taurus.

Taurus performs services; helps make your life more comfortable. Taurus is a fixed sign and your are the opposite, being changeable and inconstant. Because of this, you could crate a situation where you take Taurus for granted. Taurus will take only so much of this- and, finally have enough. With Taurus, you can create a product or service that has universal appeal. This is no small matter. It means the relationship can be valuable- in service to others and in profit to you. To be with Taurus, you may have to burn the bridges of you past. This isn't always easy for you. In this case it may be worth it, however. Taurus will help you to take care of your-self. Taurus will aid in keeping you on an even keel. Taurus will help you to make ideas work and will help you to utilize assets in a practical manner. It could be rewarding relationship, especially over the long haul, in connection with future projects.


The accent in this association is on marriage, partnership, joint effort and public relations. With Gemini you assume responsibility for your actions. You could get linked up with a Gemini in a permanent manner. The Mercury of Gemini combines with your Jupiter Solar signification to symbolize responsibility and reward. Gemini is quick, agile and versatile. Gemini can help you carry out your ideas. You are attracted to Gemini, although the signs are in opposition. You are not opposite in nature. But Gemini has quick ideas, is a note-taker, while you philosophize and could be characterized as an essay-writer. There's a wide difference here, but the family is the same.

In a broad sense, there are many similarities between your sign and Gemini. In detail, however, there are vast differences. Gemini is restless and sees phases, perceives quick trends. You are willing to travel, but no longer journeys and at a more leisurely pace. You see long-range cycles, and Gemini could chide you for what appears to be procrastination. Gemini is Air and you are Fire; getting together could either fan the flame, or extinguish it. Gemini makes you aware of public reactions. You get in the thick of things with Gemini. Your ideas become more direct, to the point. You have to move along to keep up with Gemini. You assume added responsibility, accept additional assignments and duties. But your income potential could rise as you receive greater recognition. Marriage indications are strong here; the possibility of a union between Sagittarius and Gemini is a lively one. In a business alliance, Gemini and Sagittarius operate well and attract money. Together, these signs can produce commercial success. That's the way it is with Sagittarius and Gemini: the accent is on partnership or marriage-either harmonious or the opposite.


Your Jupiter and the Cancer Moon significator combine to mean that you can make beautiful music with a Cancerian. It's a case of mutual attraction, although there are some problems, particularly in the financial area. Cancer affects that part of your solar horoscope connected with legacies, the money of a mate or partner, the occult and hidden matters. Cancer is of the Water element and your sign belongs to the Fire Trinity. Fire and Water do not mix and, thus, you'll have to work hard to make this relationship click. Cancer is concerned with money and security; your chief interests lie in travel, philosophy, writing and self- expression. There are bound to be obstacles, but if you are both mature these can be overcome. With Cancer, there is variety. There are changes, too. Your status is open to change. Cancer helps you make decisions. Cancer insists that you set a goal and that you pursue it. Cancer makes you aware of financial potential.

There is physical attraction here. Cancer relies on you for a cheering, optimistic note. You are drawn to Cancer in a mysterious manner. You are fascinated, and will attempt to fathom the depths of Cancer. You may never really know Cancer, but you could enjoy the attempt. Together, Cancer and Sagittarius could come up with creative ideas. The key is to determine who is to direct operations. Cancer can be all business, and you can be wonderful at meeting and greeting the public. There tend to be financial disagreements. Cancer wants to conserve and you want to expend. The balance could be beneficial, but the key is to decide who sets policy. With Cancer, you are entrusted with funds. Your capabilities are put on the line and your investment acumen is tested.


Leo affects that part of your solar horoscope associated with journeys, including journeys of the mind; this means that Leo attracts and stimulates you. The Leo Sun and your Jupiter significator blend very favorably. The combination helps break down barriers or restrictions. These two Fire Signs-Leo and Sagittarius-combine to mean that you two can set up guidelines, serve as inspirations to others. This is because together, you two put idealism into action. Leo aids you in transforming your noble notions to the drawing table, and, ultimately, to " the field ". Together, Jupiter and the Sun represent that which is, at one and the same time, inspiring and practical. You two can discover a way to hurdle objections and obstacles. Finances improve, and backing is obtained from sources that would be considered far removed from the immediate objective.

Obviously, Sagittarius and Leo are well aspected, and the relationship has a great chance for success. The greatest obstacle to be faced here is impatience. There is intensity; there are high expectations. You may, Sagittarius, make the error of placing Leo on a pedestal. When Leo proves human, disillusion could set in. If mature, however, you will be prepared and understanding - and will take in stride various Leo imperfections. There is physical attraction, but most of the stimulation here is apt to be on an intellectual level. Leo and Sagittarius form what might be termed a mutual admiration society. You share - and, when you feel a confidence has been violated, you retaliate. That might sound like the beginning of the end. Know this, Sagittarius, and realize that Leo is gregarious and Possessive - Leo does not intend to take a back seat. Be sure, if you want this relationship to last, that Leo is the first to know things - and be lavish with your admiration and praise.

Virgo affects that part of your solar horoscope associated with career, ambitions, prestige, and standing in the community. The Mercury of Virgo combines with your Jupiter to enable you to create moneymaking ideas.. This is a good business relationship. The aspects overall, though, are less than favorable; there are conflicts, but Virgo does aid you in furthering your career or business ambitions. You are more idealistic than is Virgo; natives of Virgo seem able to make you more practical in outlook. Virgo is basically earthy and is more concerned with results than with motives. This serves as a good balance with you; if you want to get a business off the ground, seek out a Virgo.

You tend to attract responsibility in association with Virgo; you also can achieve greater commercial success. Virgo stimulates your ambitions, but there is tension here. With Virgo, there are arguments. On a constructive level, these clear the air and bring you closer to your goals. On a negative level, the disagreements drain your energy. You have lessons to learn from Virgo. You can have a fine relationship here. But it is tiring; it may be difficult to relax. There are pressures. For a time, you enjoy this; but after a while you may tire of the continual urging to "get ahead." Virgo has ideas about health, general well being and, with you, about how to succeed by really trying. Virgo may be too commercial for your taste. Virgo is apt to be more physically attracted to you than the reverse. Generally, you gain where your career is concerned here. But emotionally there are obstacles; it's best to know this and be prepared.


Libra is well aspected to Sagittarius; the Venus of Libra combines with your Jupiter to bring about universal appeal in the two of you. Libra affects that part of your chart associated with friends, hopes, and desires. There is definite attraction here, and there can also be material gain. Beauty is highlighted: you need beautiful surroundings, motives, and thoughts. There is also generosity, and this may be a pitfall. With Libra, you tend to be extravagant. Your idealistic nature comes into focus: you give things away. In fact, you probably try to help those who are perfectly capable of aiding themselves..

Libra brings pleasure into your life. Libra is sensitive and this is a quality you deeply appreciate. Many of your hopes and wishes can be fulfilled with Libra. But you tend, also, to he impractical. You want to reach too far, too soon. You desire acclaim, and when it doesn't come rushing to your door, you are disillusioned. Generally, there is pleasure here, fulfillment and a realization of many aspirations. With Libra, you attract people to you with their questions, problems. People confide in you. With the aid of Libra, you seem able to do something to help people, especially your friends. For social activity, and for social work, Libra could be a perfect partner for you. For more practical or commercial enterprises, the relationship could fall short of the mark. Venus and Jupiter, to the eyes of an represent a beautiful planetary setup. And there is an abundance of beauty, of light, of love, of good wishes and good intentions in this combination. But a solid base could be lacking. With Libra, realize that one day the party will be over-practical issues will have to be faced. Be mature enough to know this, and you will enhance the odds for a successful relationship.


Scorpio affects that part of your chart related to secrets, fears and confinement. The Pluto of Scorpio and your Jupiter form an unusual combination; there is secrecy and a need for discretion. Clandestine meetings and activities appear to be associated with this relationship. Scorpio is a Water Sign and you belong to the Fire element; there are problems here, and a third person could be involved. You are intrigued by the mystery, by the cloak-and-dagger aspects of this relationship. There is an element of deception, largely self-deception. With Scorpio, you could be seeing people and situations as you wish they would exist. For a people a time, you walk on clouds; then the reality of the situation comes to the fore and there is apt to he a reckoning.

You won't get something for nothing with Scorpio. The sooner you come to this realization, the better for all concerned. You deal with illusion here. There is usually a lack of solidity. If, early in the relationship, you see things in a realistic light, you'll have a better chance of success with intense Scorpio. You are good for Scorpio where money is concerned. Scorpio lets you in on privileged information. You get behind the scenes with Scorpio. In the areas of motion pictures and television (and the theater), Scorpio is especially beneficial for you. Also, Scorpio is good for you in connection with fund-raising and charitable causes. You work well with Scorpio when the concern is for the welfare of others. But if your goal is to work toward personal gain, there could he difficulty. Certainly, the combination of Sagittarius and Scorpio is intriguing. How long it lasts and how far it goes depends on the individuals involved.


With another Sagittarian, you have a desire for home and domesticity - but you also want a relationship free of flaws. You idealize and leave yourself open to disillusionment. There is basic understanding. You see many of your own traits, but usually the less desirable ones. This causes you to criticize, because, perhaps subconsciously, you become aware of your own shortcomings. The relationship can be permanent,' but not trouble-free. The success of it depends on the maturity of the Sagittarians involved. Your wandering days could be over with another Sagittarian; you could find a home. The Sagittarius woman's decisions are swift. She is impulsive in affairs of the heart. What she admires most is a man of action. She needs a goal; it could be a trip, a book to read, or writing-whatever, the future is live and breathing for her, he future is a part of her because that's partly where she is.
She is exciting but can give the impression of being shy. She is a challenge that is difficult to resist. It's important to be basically honest with her. State your intentions; don't try to cover up with false promises. The more direct you are, the better it will be for you in this relationship. Once you win her confidence, Pence she feels loved, she can fulfill your fondest desires. She appreciates nature and likes men who like animals. She won't let you down if you confide in her; if you deceive her ... look out! The Sagittarius man would like you for his own, but wants greater freedom for himself He isn't easy to understand completely, but is likely to be worth the effort. He is a natural actor and his life is apt to be one of travel, change, and excitement. He doesn't always take time to explain his actions. These are the times when he demands that you have faith in his judgment. He dislikes petty people. He wants you to learn, to grow, to gain as a result of your relationship with him. If you are honest, he can be won. If you are frank, he will respond in a sympathetic manner. You'll win him with color, charm you'll intrigue him by asking fantastic questions. He loses interest if you're conventional in your outlook, questions or ambitions. He wants the companionship of shared adventure. He wants to be independent-he is drawn to individuality and repelled by women who pretend to be something they are not.



Capricorn affects that part of your solar horoscope associated with money and personal possessions. The Saturn of Capricorn and your Jupiter help make you mutually intuitive where finances are concerned. You either get bogged down in this relationship, or you rise above petty details and obstacles. There seems to be little in between; you soar or sink. Capricorn aids you in putting your talents on a business path; your product is made marketable through the aid of Capricorn. Saturn and Jupiter represent almost opposite ends of a pole: cheer and optimism (Jupiter) and restriction, discipline (Saturn). Together, this could add up to the hind of combination required for solid gain and profit.

Certainly, you are going to concentrate on financial gain with Capricorn. You intrigue natives of Capricorn; your machinations are mysterious where Capricorn is concerned. If you and the Capricornian are mature, there is every reason to expect gain. Capricorn helps you in collecting data, in filling loopholes, in budding that proverbial nest egg. You object to many Capricorn characteristics; Capricorn tends to keep a part of himself secret and you are outgoing. You don't particularly enjoy being disciplined, and Capricorn can attempt to do this to you gain in a material sense. You need some Capricorn in your life; everyone requires Saturn, like it or not. The relationship could grow and become meaningful. How long it lasts depends, of course, on the degree of mature understanding expressed by you and by Capricorn.


Aquarius accents the part of your solar horoscope that is connected with ideas, relatives, short journeys, quick decisions and intellectual curiosity. The Uranus of Aquarius and your Jupiter significator combine in a manner favorable for excitement, adventure, sudden change and travel. There is attraction here, and the signs are favorably aspected. Your love of change and travel is fulfilled to a great degree with Aquarius. These people are exciting, different, concerned with subjects considered radical or unorthodox. This intrigues, fascinates you.
A drawback here is a tendency to scatter forces, to try being in too many places at once. With no discipline, confusion is apt to run rampant. The key is concentration on the basic issues. Otherwise, the pace is dizzying and the experience is like a merry-go-round. If you don't want to go in circles, decide at the outset where you are headed and why. Aquarius helps you investigate; encourages you to write. Aquarius stimulates you mentally and Helps you make meaningful decisions. If you are seeking a humdrum existence, Aquarius is not your cup of tea. If you seek excitement and change, then you have probably found the right individual in Aquarius. In the problem department, there are relatives who might object to the relationship - on one or both sides. There is a strong magnetism that draws Sagittarius and Aquarius together. But the relationship is tiring, the pace is last, the objectives can be blurred. You can succeed with Aquarius if you are not afraid to change some basic concepts. It is necessary to be daringly flexible. You must also be versatile. Life takes on a bright hue with Aquarius. You can be happy if you don't burn the candle at both ends.


You may get a new outlook as a result of your relationship with a Pisces. Pisces affects that part of your solar horoscope connected with home, long-range projects and basic security. The Neptune of Pisces blends with your Jupiter significator to open new horizons. You review your past and accept new views through Pisces. The two signs are not favorably aspected. This is a case of Fire (Sagittarius) and Water (Pisces). There are, naturally, problems in getting the elements to mix. But there is interest and it is a good combination where home, property, real estate and long-range security enter the picture.
Like Scorpio, Pisces has an aura of mystery that you find to the bottom of mysteries, to attractive. You want to get to the bottom of mysteries, to solve puzzles, to add to your holdings. Pisces, in turn, regards you as, an asset toward the fulfillment of ambitions. Both you and Pisces seem to have individual motives or goals in this aspect of the relationship. It is not a self- less one. There are reasons for actions on both your parts, and if you are mature enough to know this, then there is more of a chance for ultimate success. There could be conflict as to who is running the show. With a Pisces, you tend to be independent, slightly selfish. When you are ready to settle down, to change or take a view, then Pisces may be right for you. Otherwise, you could feel tied down, restricted, and even abused. On the brighter side, Pisces could make you a good home and could help you make investments that enhance your long- range security. Neptune and Jupiter could spell romance, but there is also a puzzling aspect. You might, with Pisces, be constantly wondering just where you stand and where you are going next.


With Aries, you deal in practical, concrete matters. Aries is a great teammate when combined with you in real estate and property matters. Aries touches the part of your solar horoscope that is connected with your home and with projects, which affect your future security. Aries opens up to you ... talks to you ... but you can count on Aries in the future rather than immediately. That is, if you are seeking long-range results, Aries is your person. But not so if you are seeking the immediate, if you are looking for quick or flash results. Aries with you indicates the future - and, for you, the relationship is serious. Listen, Capricorn: don't think you can dabble or experiment with Aries. The relation is apt to prove lasting, for real solid and not tinsel, responsible and not superficial. You can make money with Aries. You can successfully invest with Aries. You could marry Aries because Aries awakens in you a desire for home, family, property, and land, something solid on which to rest. That's how Aries affects Capricorn.
Listen - it is an Interesting combination, your Saturn and the Mars of Aries - Fire and Earth, action and depth. You inspire Aries to great heights. You awaken ambition in Aries. For you, Aries is an anchor in the best sensei something to look forward to: the future seen as warm instead of terrifying. There is attraction here - and there are problems. Both of you learn as a result of the relationship. The signs Capricorn and Aries - are not well aspected. But each builds the character of the other. You can expect discipline and responsibility as a result of your relationship with Aries. But there is mutual attraction and there could be financial reward. And this could aid in alleviating some of the problems between Aries and Capricorn.


With you and a Taurus, there are creative forces that are activated. There is change, travel, variety, and the spark of physical attraction. The two signs are harmonious and the relationship could be very beneficial. Listen, Capricorn: with Taurus you are aware of romance, of popularity, of personal magnetism, of creative resources. You come to life with Taurus. You want to communicate and Taurus helps you break the ground, cut through red tape, and helps you shake off lethargy.
Taurus affects that part of your solar horoscope associated with love, romance, children and creative endeavors, too. Taurus encourages you, gives you a new lease on life. The combination of Taurus and Capricorn is favorable. You are attracted to Taurus, but Taurus coincides with restlessness, and creates unhappiness if you insist on maintaining the status quo. Taurus, where you are concerned involves variety. Taurus represents sell-evaluation. Taurus, for you, symbolizes your potential, your creative urge.

The Venus of Taurus combines with your Saturn to produce a blend of beauty and discipline. There is little question that, with Taurus, your experience is utilized in a manner that brings beauty and emotional reward. Also, with Taurus, there is activity connected with children. In general, the relationship is rewarding and, with a fair amount of effort on your part, and on the part of Taurus, the end result is happiness. I would say to you, Capricorn, that a little Taurus the Bull in your life would be a favorable thing. The rest is up to you!



Gemini affects that part of your solar horoscope associated with work, health and special services. The Mercury of Gemini and your Saturn combine to produce discipline, determination and an awareness of details; which brings basic goals closer to reality. That is a key in your association with Gemini reality. This is rather odd because Gemini can be flighty and almost the opposite of realistic. Nevertheless, combined with Capricorn, the native of Gemini is apt to turn over a new leaf. That is not always exactly the case. But what does happen with you and Gemini is that the Gemini wit, shill and versatility is aimed at a specific goal, is disciplined: the energy is channeled toward accomplishment. Thus, with Gemini, you have one who can serve basic seeds and who can help you with your job and with essential chores.

For Gemini, you represent responsibility and the promise of reward. Capricorn and Gemini are very different; it is this difference that each could find attractive. Saturn (Capricorn) and Mercury (Gemini) make an intriguing combination. Mercury is quick, flitting and flirting, Saturn stands for discipline, time, testing, and restriction. When natives of these signs get together, Saturn tends to dominate, which means that Gemini bends, becomes more practical. For you, Capricorn, a relationship with Gemini leads to renewed interest in health, work and recreation. Gemini helps you gain a new foothold in that you become interested in everyday affairs, and in what you are doing in the way of basic tasks. Gemini is apt to he attracted to you in a more emotional manner than you are to him or her. Gemini serves your needs, helps build your strength and has a genuine concern for your physical welfare


In connection with Cancer, the emphasis for you is oh marriage, public relations, partnerships and legal affairs. You are attracted to Cancer, but, again, much in the manner that opposites attract opposites. Listen, Capricorn where people born under Cancer are concerned, you are encouraged to enter new areas. You express greater independence. You bring forth original and creative methods. Your Saturn and the Cancer Moon spell out intensity of purpose. You are apt to kick over the traces, to begin knew. Cancer touches that part of your solar horoscope, which makes you aware of the public, of public reactions. Cancer brings publicity, recognition for your efforts. Cancer, as we say, also affects that section of your chart related to marriage. You could be permanently tied, enduringly connected to Cancer. There is a part of you reflected in Cancer, just as a part of Cancer is reflected in your sign, Capricorn.
Cancer and Capricorn are signs in opposition to each other. But, along with the opposition, there is definite attraction. If you want to come out of your shell, if you want to advertise and publicize ...then you've found the right person in Cancer. For you, Cancer represents a chance for added independence of thought, action. For new starts, Cancer is your perfect partner. Cancer encourages you to pioneer, to utilize your experience in a daring manner. Both Cancer and Capricorn are aware of security together they can make significant financial gains. There is much in the Cancer native that appeals to you. You have a great deal in common. Habit patterns could develop which can make this relationship a most significant one.

Libra affects that part of your chart related to career, ambitions, and prestige. The Venus of Libra and your Saturn combine to promote change, creativity, travel, and physical attraction. Libra awakens your ambitions and your sense of power, authority. Your standing in the community is elevated with Libra. You appreciate Libra's love of the arts, of the finer things in life. Libra looks to you as an example of solidity and as a potential good provider. Libra can help you make important career contacts. Libra helps offset your reserved nature. A Libran helps others to know your special capabilities. With Libra, you can advance. You gain promotions and you can run your own business.
The two signs are not favorably aspected; a challenge is there, and so is pressure. All is not easy; Libra pushes you, chides you, and makes you bring out the best in yourself in professional matters. For gaining prestige, Libra is excellent for you; for special community projects and for initiating a business deal, Libra is also beneficial. Venus helps tone down your Saturn, making it more palatable to others. Thus, despite the unfavorable aspect between the signs; Libra can be of value where you are concerned. There are problems here. But there also are obvious benefits. Libra is just; Libra will trumpet your talents, abi1ities, but, it appears, Libra is apt to be better for you in professional activities than when it comes to a strictly personal relationship.


Scorpio affects that part of your Solar Horoscope that is related to desires and friends. You harmonize with Scorpio, and you can fulfill many of your wishes in conjunction with a native of this sign. The Pluto significator of Scorpio combines with your Saturn to break restrictions, to permit greater freedom of thought and action. Both signs - Capricorn and Scorpio - are intense and ambitious. There are problems, but harmony could prevail. This depends on an agreement concerning basic goals. A Scorpio can enhance your versatility, get you going and help correct a tendency for you to be morose. You travel with Scorpio; you express your views, write and make numerous and exciting social contacts.
Physical attraction exists you are drawn to Scorpio, There is much activity and there are numerous occasions for laughter. This strikes many of your friends as odd, since neither you nor Scorpio are particularly noted for a light attitude With Scorpio, However, there is opportunity for you to come out of yourself. With a Scorpio, you shake off lethargy. You emerge and begin to let others know of your abilities, hopes, and aspirations. You often confuse Scorpio, but this works as an exciting challenge. Scorpio helps you attain many things, but most of all, Scorpio aids you in self-discovery. You'll learn here what it is you seek - and how to get it. The Pluto-Saturn combination is powerful; these natives together respect the past but insist on building their own traditions. Thus, with Scorpio, you will gain renewed confidence. There could be some violent arguments; but the "making up" should compensate amply for the quarreling. The potential for this relationship is great. You should give it a try.


Sagittarius affects that part of your solar horoscope associations, fears, doubts, clubs, organizations with secrets, restrictions, fears doubts, clubs organizations and clandestine or behind-the-scenes affairs. The Jupiter of Sagittarius combines with your Saturn to produce a combination that is favorable for teaching, for the bringing to the fore of radical ideas, unusual methods, occult principles and far-out subjects. Sagittarius and Capricorn are regarded as neutral, but generally the natives of this Jupiter-ruled sign must be considered as favorable to you. There are secrets, and there are maneuvers designed to evade detection, but there are also benefits as a result of your both being able to ship over red tape and to gain major points without recourse to middlemen.
Jupiter is a wonderful antidote to Saturn; the combination represents cheer as opposed to discipline, expansion in contrast to restriction. Thus, there is balance- and there is also romance. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that your relationship with Sagittarius produces intrigue. You might never know quite where you stand. In a sense, this is a challenge. In another sense, it can cause frustration. Challenge, frustration and romance are featured when Capricorn and Sagittarius get together. If you are engaging in a motion picture or television project, a Sagittarius is especially good for you. If you are raising funds for charitable organizations, Sagittarius is beneficial. But if you want everything out in the open, Sagittarius may not be the right person for you. With Sagittarius, there are secrets and you may find yourself telling lies as a result of the relationship. Sagittarius will take you behind the scenes, on the inside. You might find the association worth ad of the disadvantages it could present.


With another Capricorn, you tend to make wonderful plans, but they could lack solidity. The relationship leaves much to be desired, though it could succeed if each Capricornian is determined to carry through on his or her promises. In actuality, it may be a case of too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Obviously, this means both want to lead, direct and dominate. A decision must be made as to which one is loss. Once this is done, the relationship could flourish


Aquarius affects that part of your chart related to income potential and possessions. Best I

The Uranus of Aquarius blends ideas, pioneer with your Saturn significator to promote new ideas, pioneering efforts, and added independence of thought and action. With Aquarius, you are more aware of money and how to obtain it . The Saturn-Uranus blend is one that topples the past and builds for the future. You appreciate the suddenness, the drama of Aquarius; it helps offset your tendency to he ultra-serious. With Aquarius, you become concerned with the future rather than brooding over what might have been. The combination here is not perfect; but very few things are without flaws. There can be breaks, interruption in the relationship. But there is every chance for your reuniting after a separation.
There is conflict over who is to call the signals you or Aquarius . This should be settled, not in an arbitrary manner, but through trial and error. Obviously, a great deal of mature understanding is required relationship is to flower and grow. Aquarius, although often in conflict with you finds you fascinating. Live up to the image. Don't tell all you know; maintain an air of mystery. For you, Aquarius represents a chance to add to your security, financial and otherwise. Aquarius helps set the tone, provides a sense of direction. Aquarius and Capricorn make a fine team for new pioneering projects. The original is accented; new twists are featured; profit is obtained through the providing of unique products. The big question is who will be boss; it is an issue that, ultimately, must be settled. If it is, in a satisfactory manner, the least result of this combination will be more money in the bank for you, Capricorn.


Pisces affects that part of your chart related to short journeys, ideas as opposed to long-range philosophy, relatives, and your ability to adjust to changing situations. The Neptune of Pisces and your Saturn significator combine to promote domestic stability, a keen desire for a home and family. The signs-Pisces and Capricorn - are favorably aspected and the odds are great for a constructive relationship.
In your association with a Pisces, there appear to be numerous trips of the short variety in the offing. There are ideas, there is experimentation - and there is, very likely, a scattering of forces. Pisces can make you laugh. Pisces can harm you. Pisces, when combined with Capricorn, could add up to marriage, home, domesticity. There are close dealings with members of your families involved in this relationship. Pisces regards you as a friend and admires your realistic attitude. You are intrigued by the Piscean intuitive intellect. You never quite fathom the whole Pisces, but the challenge keeps you interested. Neptune and Saturn make a good blend; one is imaginative, and the other is practical. With mature effort, a fine balance can be achieved.. The relationship here is good. Much, of course, depends on the complete horoscope. But, basically, the aspect between Capricorn and Pisces is a sextile; under this aspect people tend to stay married to each other. In buying a home you do well with the aid of Pisces. In building a project for the future, on a solid base, you do very well with Pisces. Natives of this sign could tire you, keep you on the go - but it is unlikely that you would object. There are too many laughs - and, although there could be some tears, your mutual humor prevails.

This is an excellent relationship to pursue.


Aries affects that part of your solar horoscope related to short journeys, ideas and activities connected with close relatives. Aries is well aspected to your sign -much harmony is indicated, but little rest! The Mars of Aries and your Uranus blend to stimulate learning. You can put your ideas to work with the aid of dominant, energetic Aries. The two signs -Aquarius and Aries -may find that they become involved in arguments. The Mars-Uranus combination is volatile. There is life, plenty of it: much action and sudden moves. Aries finds you physically attractive; you are somewhat in awe bf Aries. When you relate intimately with Aries, the result can be mental stimulation-or the utmost confusion.
Which it is to be depends, of course, on the complete horoscopes rather than merely Sun sign comparisons. Basically, however, this is not the ideal combination for settling down, for making final decisions. The relationship is fraught with changes, which could involve disagreements among relatives.

It is necessary to decide who is going to be receptive and who is going to be the dominant force in this relationship. Unless this is known subconsciously, or articulated, an otherwise fine association could go by the boards. Uranus and Mars are both symbols of action; if the pull is in opposite directions, the result could be chaos. One or the other -Aquarius or Aries -must be receptive. If this state of affairs exists -one listening, receiving, cooperating -then the relationship between Aquarius and Aries certainly can be expected to flourish. The signs are harmonious -but for the relationship to succeed, maturity and wisdom must be present.


The Venus of Taurus and your Uranus significator combine to encourage originality. Taurus people can aid you in later life. Taurus affects that part of your solar horoscope related to home, security, property, and the authority of a parent. Taurus can infuriate you; you can become disillusioned with current conditions. Taurus causes you to want to break new ground, to shake yourself up; you'll desire more freedom to do things, which bring the comforts of home. On the positive side, this association is invigorating, refreshing, leads to new paths and pioneering efforts. Taurus aids you in accepting and fulfilling responsibility. In any land or real estate dealings, Taurus is beneficial to you. Taurus helps you get your feet on solid ground.

The two signs -Aquarius and Taurus -are not very well aspected. There are conflicts. Both are strong, determined. But intelligent compromises can be made -and they are necessary. With Taurus, you search -but perhaps not long enough. There is a tendency to be impatient. But, on a more positive level, you can be determined and patient, you can envision future potential and this will act as an invigorating tonic. The Uranus-Venus combination is a romantic one. But it also depicts emotions subject to sudden rises and falls. Taurus aids you in putting across business transactions. Your ambitions are fired with Taurus. You'll have confidence in what you want to do, and can obtain financial backing. In personal relationships, the Taurus-Aquarius team could leave much to be desired. There are changes-moods dominate reason. There could be instant attraction, but it might not be long-lived. The odds for success here cannot be described as better than 60/40. Much, of course, depends on you and the individual Taurus involved.


Gemini touches that part of your solar chart related to children, physical attraction, and creative urges. The Mercury of Gemini and your Uranus significator make this a relationship that can be perfect -or one that does not last. There is little middle ground here. Gemini stimulates you and the two signs are favorably aspected. There is everything going for this association, except for a tendency to permit impulse to dominate logic. There are sudden actions and reactions. There are outlandish projects, which, however, can be transformed into success.
There is an element of deception here. You tend to idealize the relationship. You skip over the problems and accept the pleasures. This Aquarius-Gemini relationship can be constructive if, at the outset, you are realistic. You can't play games here: emotions run rampant and it's for real. The association could result in marriage and children. With you and Gemini, there is an aura of illusion. Much that Occurs seems to lack a solid base. This could be interpreted as "romantic. " Or it be a kind of fling: a flash that bums bright but lacks real substance. This is a relationship that has much in its favor. The question is whether you are prepared for it. The attraction is evident, but if you are trying to fool anyone -including yourself-the price in emotional upheaval is dear. Generally, the Aquarius-Gemini relationship is worth encouraging. The rest is up to you.



Cancer affects that part of your chart related to health, pets, work and dependents. The Moon of Cancer and your Uranus signification can combine to make this a good working relationship. With Cancer, you can get a job done. And there will be recognition for what you do. The Moon-Uranus Combination almost guarantees publicity. Cancer helps make you aware of timing, of health, of pacing, of your ability to handle special assignments. You, with Cancer, can get through red tape to accomplish basic tasks.

The two signs -Aquarius and Cancer -go well together when an important job is to be completed. There is much in common, although Aquarius is more willing to make changes, Cancer sticks to patterns, adheres to security. This is an unusual combination. You could create a product in demand by women. You can break tradition and still come up smelling like a rose. Cancer provides you with a steadying influence: you pursue projects; the pace is even-and there could be a sudden recognition of your efforts. Cancer helps call public attention to your completed product, and the Uranus-Moon combination can lead to public acclaim. Cancer keeps you aware of your basic requirements. Cancer keeps your feet on the ground. This could cause you to rebel, but eventually it proves beneficial. In general, your sign is neutral in relation to Cancer. But if an important task must to completed, Cancer makes you a wonderful ally. The potential is there: the rest is up to the individual Cancer and to you.


Leo affects that part of your solar horoscope associated with marriage, public relation, partnerships, how you appear to outsiders. The Uranus of your sign combines with the Leo. Sun significator to create an atmosphere of fun and frolic. Uranus and the Sun make a formidable blend; there is much public appeal. Leo would make a wonderful press agent for you. You could also marry a Leo. There is a attraction, but a definite explosive equality also exists here. Aquarius and Leo are signs in opposition. But opposites do tend to attract and fascinate. Both are fixed; Leo is of the Fire element and Aquarius belongs to the Air Trinity. The Air-Fire combination can fan a bright flame: it either burns or warms. There doesn't seem much in between where you and Leo are concerned.
For social activity, the combination is excellent. It is also good for travel, writing, and publishing. The element of luck seems to persist.. Whatever you do with Leo seems to attract public attention, if not notoriety. There is a definite tendency here for a scattering of forces. Being able to concentrate is difficult. The combination is not meant for detailed work. It is, however, excellent. As to responsibility for bits and parts, for minor points, for essentials, it could leave much to be desired. No matter what is said here you are going to be attracted to a Leo. The experiment could worthwhile; it certainly will provide its share of excitement. Where the relationship goes from there depends, of course, on the individual Leo and on you, Aquarius.


Virgos are a mystery to you and, thus, have power to hold and intrigue you until you solve their riddle.
With a Virgo, you will become concerned with money, long-range security, mystery, the occult, and inheritance. You will dig deep to find things out, to erase any clouds of confusion. Your ruling planet, Uranus, combines with the Mercury of Virgo to produce unusual plans, ideas, and desires. There is attraction here -the kind of attraction, which results from an unknown quantity. You want to know -and Virgo leads you on -either for good or otherwise. Virgo helps you complete projects. Virgo helps you expand your personal horizons -concern with the unknown is evident. Virgo makes you aware of financial and marital responsibilities. On the positive side, Virgo builds you up and prepares you for the future. On the negative side, Virgo could cause you to become involved in projects, which are expensive and not too practical.

With Virgo, you learn lessons; you discipline yourself where ideas and imagination are concerned. Virgo encourages you to explore -there is opportunity for exciting discoveries which can be converted into profit. The key is to be unusual, to seek far and wide for opportunity, and to settle for nothing but the best. On the positive side, that is exactly what Virgo helps you to do. The Uranus-Mercury combination could make for a good writing or advertising team.. A financial advisor}' service could succeed with Aquarius and Virgo at the helm. Leave the details to Virgo; handle the public relations and promotion yourself. Then the team could come out on top, could have fun -and also show a profit.


Librans stimulate you mentally- encourage you to travel, to broaden your horizons. The combination of the Aquarius- Uranus and the Libra-Venus spell out creative adventure, satisfaction, fulfillment, and attraction.. The two signs -Libra and Aquarius -are favorably aspected. Libra touches that part of your Solar horoscope associated with the higher mind, philosophy, publishing and long journeys, including journeys of the mind Libra encourages you to put your knowledge to use. With Libra you'll be active, your mind won't grind to a halt, you'll investigate, learn, expand, here is a basic attraction here. There are numerous indications of benefit from an association between you and Libra.

Libra helps you form decisions, helps strengthen your convictions, helps make you aware of your conscience, of moral duties. In short, Libra highlights your sense of justice. You are a natural humanitarian, and justice, especially social justice, means much to you. Thus, Libra would mean much to you. Libra gains your respect, sparks your ideals. You feel tenderly toward Libra -you need a Libra, you'll gain from Libra. On the negative side, Libra could encourage you to over- analyze and procrastinate. On the positive side, Libra urges you to put ideas and ideals to work, to write, publish, and advertise. I would' say the relationship would be a good one- l' d encourage it. There can be definite gain. Your wonderful creative sense is awakened by Libra; your sense of the future is crystallized. What was a dream can become a reality with the aid of Libra.


Scorpio affects that part of your solar chart related to career, basic ambitions, standing in the community, unique honors. The Pluto of Scorpio blends with your Uranus significator to spell a kind of security, comfort and luxury -a unique kind, not the usual domestic variety. Pluto and Uranus represent a sudden and explosive quality. Aquarius and Scorpio are not favorably aspected, but there is attraction. A mutual goal could unite the two, and, most certainly, a Scorpio can help you attain your goal. This is a most unusual relationship; politics, it is said, makes strange bedfellows. Ambitions, in this instance, can make allies of you and Scorpio. You'll pull together as long as there is a goal. In business, you could succeed with Scorpio. Where there is an objective, the two natives will probably go toward the goal in a straight, true line. Where there is no specific goal, the relationship could be chaotic.
In the personal area, there could be romance. There could be the goal of home, family, domesticity, and acquiring possessions. Both Aquarius and Scorpio have minds of their own, which is, perhaps, another way of saying that you can be stubborn and could meet your match in Scorpio. Scorpio fires your ambitions. Scorpio encourages you to run for office. Scorpio wants you to go into business for yourself Scorpio makes you want to accomplish, and elevates your standing in the community. Scorpio builds your image-and could also tear it down. Don t play games with Scorpio. Outline your goals and aspirations. Scorpio is shrewd and finds shortcuts. You make friends, and playa public relations role, Scorpio works behind the scenes and make secret deals. Together, once you understand each other, the two of you could make a formidable combination. That's the way it is likely to be, Aquarius, when you get together in a serious manner with Scorpio.

Sagittarius affects that part of your chart related to hopes, wishes, and friendships. There is also sexuality involved, an attraction which runs deeper than friendship. Sagittarius and Aquarius are favorably aspected. The Jupiter of Sagittarius and your Uranus Solar significator combine to stand for excitement, hope, optimism, and expansion. With a Sagittarian, you are able to analyze, to appeal, to make yourself popular by giving people what they want and need. With you and Sagittarius, there is change, travel, and variety. Sagittarius enjoys travel and reveres knowledge. Thus, with Sagittarius, you enhance your education. You expand. You leave the precinct and become a citizen of the state, the nation, the world. Sagittarius helps you make your dreams come true. Now, it is not all fun and games. It takes something on your part.

Sagittarius expects you to be bright, versatile, filled with ideas and vitality. Sagittarius keeps you on the move. And as long as you keep Sagittarius fascinated, Sagittarius is on the job, helping you to fulfill your hopes. There is mutual admiration; but there can be chinks in the armor. When these appear, some dreams come tumbling down. The opportunities for happiness are there very much in evidence between Aquarius and Sagittarius. But, with some, opportunities are wasted. It could be that way with you, too. However, the odds are favorable for Sagittarius with Aquarius. It is up to you. It would be a shame not to take advantage of the chance for happiness, which seems to be presented here on a silver platter. The overall verdict is yes for Aquarius with Sagittarius.


Capricorn affects that part of your chart associated with secrets, clandestine affairs, clubs, groups, organizations and institutions. The Saturn of Capricorn and your Uranus significator blend to produce altruistic motives in the two of you. With a Capricorn, you could conduct a successful charity drive, say. Capricorn's Saturn helps steady your Uranus; ideals are transformed to practical action. There is romance here, too. But it can be the kind of romance that involves forbidden fruit. That is to say, very often your relationship with Capricorn is a secret one. Where the Twelfth House is concerned, there is something under cover, not quite out in the open -and it is your Twelfth House, which Capricorn emphasizes.

You are good for Capricorn where money is concerned. In fact, you could pay a Capricorn to provide the signs, related, are neutral. There can be a sharing of knowledge. Friction occurs when one feels he is giving more than he is receiving. The relationship could lack a solid base-but Aquarius gets the better of it usually, at least in this opinion. There is something dynamic here; traditions are broken and there is new ground to tread. What was forbidden is revealed. This could be to your benefit, or otherwise. If you have something to hide, it may not be wise to flaunt your relationship with Capricorn...Your intuition is sharpened with Capricorn. You find out what it is that really is required. This is wonderful for, say, creating a club which appeals to those with unique interests. Capricorn can be a steadying force, which aids in getting your ideas off the ground. That, basically, is the way it is when Aquarius gets together with Capricorn.


An Aquarius, in relationship with another horn under the same sign, can be highly successful-if a third person handles the details. With another Aquarius, you tear down and rebuild. You become master builders. You see beyond the immediate. But you tend to overlook essentials. That's why a third person, proficient in handing details, can be an invaluable aid to two Aquarians embarked on a project.
In a personal relationship, there are problems because each Aquarian is so much of an individual- each wants his or her own way. Unless there is excitement and adventure, the relationship could wither.


Pisces affects the part of your solar horoscope that is related to finances and personal possessions. The Neptune of Pisces and your Uranus combine to produce in you two a kind of universal appeal. With Pisces, you can create a product, a service which is in demand and results in profit. Your sign is of the Air element, while Pisces is of the Water element; you could create waves! One thing is fairly certain; Pisces may well be mysterious, and will hold you in awe. Where you are concerned, Pisces either adds to your possessions, or represents a threat here.
You can be somewhat at a standoff. Both your ruling planets have definite symbolic meanings; you view Pisces in a manner that is reminiscent of two strange beings getting to know each other. Listen: Pisces will intrigue you and may cost you money. Pisces can also fascinate you and bring in funds. It is that kind of relationship; up and down, favorable, then otherwise. To say the least, it is not going to be even or steady. Uranus and Neptune together do not spell stability. But they do symbolize fascination and challenge. If you want aid in collecting special objects-say for a hobby- then Pisces can be of help. If you are seeking a bargain, Pisces can be an ally. Pisces is almost psychic, able to ferret out what you might need. But if you are seeking practical, hard- core judgments, Pisces may not be for you.. You are a visionary in your own right; Pisces only compounds the asset -or the error, as the case might be. The two of you -Aquarius and Pisces -have an appeal for the public. You would make a fine sales team -no matter what you're selling. But you don't do particularly well in conventional areas. That, basically, is the story when Aquarius gets together with Pisces.

With an Aries, that section of your chart associated with money, possessions, and what is valuable, is accented. The Mars of Aries combines with your Neptune to produce either great imagination and idealism-or illusion or deception. When Aries becomes involved in intrigue -it is likely to be with you, Pisces. You either make money with Aries -or you lose it. There seems to be little neutral ground. Aries, of course, is a Fire Sign -you are of the Water Element. Fire and Water make a difficult combination. Now, Pisces, I tell you this so you can be ready for the challenge -and welcome it. After all, the role of astrology is to forewarn. And, if you are entering a relationship with an Aries, be ready for an individual who is active, enthusiastic and encourages you to invest in your own talents.

There tends to be an element of deception here. Not that you try to fool Aries or that Aries attempts to deceive you, but you two tend to see pictures that do not exist, you tend to conjure up dreams which could be of the pipe-dream variety. What I am counseling, Pisces is a mature attitude - that both you and Aries face reality. Then you'll recognize a genuine bargain when you come across it. There is excitement, adventure -and there are problems in this combination. To Aries, you are magnetic, mysterious, and secretive. Aries wants to impress you and bring you out of your shell. Aries is likely to succeed, but the proposition might prove expensive for you, Pisces. You are neighbors of the zodiac, next door to each other. But, nevertheless, there can be a world of difference between Pisces and Aries. Know this and realize you are not likely to reform each other.

You are of the Water element and quite impressionable. You need some Earth, and Taurus could fulfil that need. Taurus could urge you toward a greater degree of practicality and, at the same time, provide mental stimulation. Taurus affects that part of your horoscope related to relatives, ideas, and short journeys. The two signs are harmonious, a lasting relationship could result. The Venus of Taurus blends with your Neptune to encourage home- making, a beautifying of surroundings. With Taurus, you could break from the usual routine. The status quo tends to bore you two, because Taurus stimulates you in a mental sense. You want to break down barriers of restriction. But, simultaneously, you desire security.
You may or may not seek the counsel of relatives in connection with this relationship. But close relatives, such as brothers and Sisters, are likely to figure prominently here. You'll either get their approval, or otherwise; not many close to you are apt to be neutral about your association with Taurus. Many long-lasting marriages have been between natives of these two signs. There is harmony and also a valuable element -the element of humor. Taurus regards you as friendly, pleasant and one who is stimulating. You regard Taurus as one who makes you get up and go. Some view Taurus as rather plodding, stubborn. But to you, Taurus presents a different picture. You see Taurus' versatile, charming and humorous side. Specifically, Taurus makes you try and experiment. Taurus encourages you to take notes, to write, to keep in touch with people. Taurus helps you to see the wonders around you and aids you in selecting items that make your personal world a more comfortable -and beautiful-place. Obviously, this can be a fascinating relationship as well as a lasting one.


With Gemini, you are made aware of security, long- range projects, home and property. Gemini touches that part of your solar horoscope associated with the end of a project, and with security in later years. Gemini encourages you to travel, to broaden the scope of your vision, your interests. Gemini tends to make you restless. You two are not likely to be satisfied with the status quo. Listen, Pisces-Gemini is filled with ideas. And some- times the ideas are fired at you as if with a machine gun. It is up to you to choose the best, to be discriminating, to be selective. Gemini stimulates your intellectual curiosity. The two signs are not well aspected; there are problems to overcome. There are obstacles. But, on the positive side, these can be regarded as healthy challenges. Your Neptune significator, combined with the Mercury of Gemini, indicates an element of confusion -but of the generally happy variety. There is much activity here, but where it ultimately leads is a basic question.
The two signs -Gemini and Pisces -could lack direction when they get together. It will have to be up to you, or to Gemini, to take the lead and see that things follow through to some kind of definite conclusion. Until and unless, that occurs, you could be going nowhere. But at least you probably will have fun while doing so. The relationship could be a time-waster but this depends on the degree of maturity possessed by you and by Gemini

. __________________
You are physically attracted to Cancer. With Cancer, your creative elements can come to the fore. Children could be involved. Also change travel varieties are indicated. The Moon of Cancer and your Neptune symbolize romance and some intrigue. There is nothing lukewarm about this relationship; it is all the way-or nothing. You will quickly thrive, or equally quickly end the relationship. Cancer helps you gain greater recognition, broader horizons. The Moon-Neptune blend has far-reaching effects. Other people are involved. You may find that it is not easy to control your emotions when you get involved with a Cancer-born individual. You get started, thinking you can stop at will. But this does not happen always to be the case: one thing leads to another.
On another level, you can complete important projects with Cancer. There is something stable about Cancer, which helps to steady you. You seem to find a base of operations; you appear able to know that there is a place to return to, no matter how far you go. Cancer and Pisces are in trine, which is a favorable aspect. Both are of the Water element. You can be happy with Cancer. But this is no sign to play games with: the results can be serious and permanent-like marriage and children. Cancer learns from you; Cancer travels with you. Cancer can be elevated through your influence. You, in turn, are vital with Cancer; you come alive. Obviously, there is a great deal of potential for good when Cancer and Pisces combine forces.


Leo relates to that part of your solar chart associated with work, health, basic issues, pets and special services. The Leo Sun blends with your Neptune significator to indicate practicality in matters that might otherwise be mere daydreams. The Sun of Leo symbolizes a brightening of your hopes, wishes; Leo can turn Neptunian illusions into working ideas. Leo will keep after you. Leo will remind you of your health, and resolutions with regard to work. Leo will get you going in business. There is attraction here, because Leo loves glamour and that, Pisces, is one of your basic qualities. Your air of mystery and a chance to reach that pie-in-the-sky. For you, Leo is bright, often enchanting, sexually attractive; but basically, Leo stands, with you, for an opportunity to express practically certain of your unique qualities.
A Leo could drive you to distraction. So much is expected of you in this relationship that there could be emotional turmoil. You might try too hard to impress him or her. Then, of course, your health could suffer. Know this and strive for balance. Leo tends to place you on a pedestal, and might get the mistaken idea that you are tireless. Without meaning to do so, Leo could over- work you or cause you to overexert yourself. There are positive and negative aspects here. It is an interesting relationship. It could even be fascinating. But the mixture is far from perfect. It needs the seasoning of time to succeed in the long run.


Virgo affects that part of your chart associated with marriage, partnerships and public reaction for your efforts. The Mercury of Virgo combines with your Neptune Solar significator to mean an increase in your appeal. A Neptune- Mercury relationship spreads, is wide, is big, can be pleasant and funny, but cannot be buried. Listen: you are attracted to Virgo, but much in the manner that opposites attract each other. You could marry a Virgo. You admire the quickness, the wit of Virgo, even the apparent practicality. Virgo is drawn to your sense of fantasy, of mystery, to your poetic qualities, to your ability to abstract the solid. On the other hand, Virgo can prepare the quick report-and give a quick retort-while you are formulating a theory. Naturally, if a balance between these extremes is achieved, there is a fine blending. There could be a marriage.
On the negative side, this relationship can still be fascinating but non-productive. Your forces can be scattered; there can be a marked lack of concentration. A kind of dreamlike state can exist. There can be fun and games, but no solid outcome. One thing: Virgo amuses you. Virgo can make you laugh, even at your own foibles. This, of course, takes us back into the positive area of the relationship. And, on the positive side, your public standing improves. Your image is more palatable. Virgo encourages you to use your imagination for practical purposes, aids you in gaining greater recognition; you become more aware of your potentiality. Virgo, in effect, helps you to become more concrete and less abstract in presenting your views. Obviously, there is good and bad for you in relation to a Virgo. Much depends on your stage of development- and, of course, on the degree to which Virgo is mature.


Libra accents that part of your solar horoscope related to other people's money, mystery, the occult and sex. The Venus of Libra and your Neptune Solar significator combine to represent an atmosphere of hope through work. With Libra, you can see rainbows; but whether or not you capture them is another story. There is something elusive about your relationship with Libra. You can be bogged down and restricted here; but, most importantly, you are aware. You know what should be done. With Libra, you can face practical issues with hope. There is hope for additional financial resources; there is hope that an affair of the heart will have a happy ending. The Venus of Libra and your Neptune signify a romantic combination. It is reality -or the lack of it -that remains the major question; whether the hope is based on realistic thinking, whether there is a real basis for optimism.
Listen: this may all sound complicated. It is. Where the Eighth House is involved, there are complications. Libra is involved with the Eighth House of your solar horoscope. It is this area of the chart that stands for the occult, meaning what is hidden or largely associated with the unknown. It is partly because of this that you are attracted to Libra. The benefits of such a relationship are difficult to define. Whatever benefits do occur come as the result of work, planning and a piercing of the unknown. Nothing is apt to be handed out on the proverbial silver platter. Know this and you will have a better chance of success with Libra. Refuse to acknowledge it, and you stack the odds against yourself and Libra. There is romance here, and there is glamour and mystery. The challenge is to build on a solid base.


Your sign is compatible with Scorpio. That sign affects your Ninth Solar sector, having to do with travel, education, philosophy and the ability to perceive what is needed for the future. The two signs are in trine aspect -favorable to each other. The Pluto of Scorpio combines with your Neptune in a unique manner. It adds up to intuitive knowledge in both of you. You tune in on Scorpio. You learn, and teach: you and a Scorpio might make a wonderful pair in teaching metaphysics. That is, you are a team that could promote the unusual, the unique, and the areas, which are usually reserved for people with exotic tastes.

Education, places of learning, including special schools; these are emphasized in your relationship with a Scorpio. I stress this because both Scorpio and Pisces are fond of mystery, intrigued by the unknown. Thus, by your setting up a practical program to share these interests, some good could come of it. This would include psychic income, and the earthy variety, too. Personal satisfaction, plus rewards, could result if a Pisces and a Scorpio decide to set up a course, a program, a club, a meeting group devoted to astrology, ESP, or psychic phenomena. Scorpio finds you physically attractive, and can inspire you. You are idealistic about Scorpio. The two of you could form a mutual admiration society. But the odds are that Scorpio cares for you in quite a direct, earthy manner. You think of Scorpio as someone from whom you can learn, someone who can teach you how to use your talents for a practical, profitable purpose. What is most important in this relationship is that there be an agreement to share knowledge. Once Scorpio and Pisces start keeping secrets from each other -the castle of potentiality begins to crumble. Keep your secrets together- but not from each other. The indications point to a favorable relationship. The rest is up to you!


Sagittarius accents that part of your chart related to career, drive, ambitions, prestige, standing in the community and opportunity for success. The Jupiter of Sagittarius and your Neptune significator symbolize new starts, originality and a degree of selfishness. When together, you'll spread out and then perhaps join in one single line, representing an arrow that shoots directly for the mark. Generally, the two signs are not considered compatible. But, if determined, this team could build together toward security.
For Pisces, Sagittarius could stimulate a fire, a drive which might otherwise be dormant. For Sagittarius, Pisces represents home and security. But there is conflict. The solution centers on deciding who is going to do the leading, who the following.

With Sagittarius, you will want to elevate your position. You'll want independence. You are more direct in your relationship with Sagittarius than is usually the case. There may be sharp rebukes connected with this relationship. There could be disagreements and battles. But, through it all, there is also likely to be progress. Listen, Pisces: I would say this is a better relationship on the professional level than it is on a personal one. This means, of course, for starting a business, for promoting a product, for finding room at the top, this combination is favorable. But not so much so for peace, tranquility, emotional stability. There simply is apt to be too much conflict. Of course, if you are both mature -and determined - then professional and personal success can be combined. But the odds are against it. For beginning a project, for an original approach, for creative endeavors for these things -a Sagittarius is good for a Pisces. For emotional contentment, there might be much to be desired.


Capricorn affects that part of your chart associated with friends, hopes, wishes, and aspirations. The Saturn of Capricorn combines with your Neptune to indicate a harmonious relationship. There is balance here and the signs are favorably aspected. Saturn, representing realism, lends balance to Neptune, standing for the dream. Together, you build-including, possibly, a home and a life together. On the surface, the signs are very different. Saturn is associated with discipline, and Neptune, with illusion, the freedom to wander, dream, to wax poetic. But, beneath the surface, there are many similarities. Capricorn can be morose. Pisces can brood. Capricorn can drive to the top through sheer determination and a sense of timing. Pisces can wait and wade through a labyrinth to daylight.
Pisces and Capricorn can provide each other with joy. There is physical attraction here. There is also a great chance for domestic harmony. Capricorn views you as an individual of great wit. Capricorn sees you as one associated with short trips. Capricorn is proud to introduce you to his or her relatives. For you, Capricorn represents an opportunity for wish fulfillment. With Capricorn, you can gain -Capricorn makes an especially good financial advisor for you. Capricorn helps your fantasies come closer to something solid, like money or property. Obviously, then, Capricorn is favorable for you. The relationship, however, takes time to develop, to blossom. Capricorn is apt to be more patient along romantic lines here. Thus, the key is for you to wait, as you're capable of doing, to overcome minor obstacles before plunging in. If you do this, you could be doing yourself a favor. The vote is "Yes" for Pisces with Capricorn


Aquarius affects that part of your solar horoscope having to do with secrets, restrictions, institutions and clandestine activities. Intrigue often exhibits itself in your relationship with Aquarius. The Uranus of Aquarius and your Neptune blend to stand for the far-reaching. Your goals, with Aquarius, are likely to be humanitarian. On the positive side, this relationship is good for building organizations that help people. It's especially good for charitable activities. On the negative side, there are undercover dealings indicated that could skirt the law.
When you're with Aquarius, your dating, initiative, and willingness to gamble on your own ideas and abilities are highlighted. Aquarius inspires you to shake off emotional lethargy, to come out of any turtle-like shell. You not only face the world with Aquarius, you determine to do something about it. What you do is either constructive or otherwise, depending on the individual Aquarian involved and, of course, on you.

Basically, with you and Aquarius, there are secrets and you love secrets. There is glamour, mystery- and these are areas particularly suited to your Piscean nature. Your basic drives, thus, are apt to be stimulated through an association with Aquarius. You have much in common with Aquarius, although this might not be apparent on the surface. Aquarius is attracted to the unknown, to mystery, and is intrigued with time. So are you. But Aquarius is apt to be less patient and more demanding of direct action. A Pisces-Aquarius blend, if properly balanced, could be a formidable one, especially in the areas of television motion pictures, hospitals and charitable institutions.


Generally, the relationship between two Pisceans is favorable. Your relationship with another Piscean can produce good results, provided you both possess the determination to give form to thoughts, dreams, and ambitions. With another Pisces, there are changes and there could be travel. You become more analytical; two Pisceans can create products that bring joy as well as serve utilitarian purposes


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WOW, that is a really long post, though I did find the Arie-Capricorn stuff interesting (I'm Cap., my hubby is Aries). This is not a couple of signs that usually go together well in marriage, but we seem to have found common ground and I am very happy with him. Thanks! Love the jokes too!

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