Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Life # 28 - I was in the Tresure Hunt to Penang!!! Day 2

Next day of the Treasure Hunt.....Good Morning everyone....
Brush teeth...
Let's go to take some breakfast
Swimming pool beside the lobby
Hydro Hotel's Lobby...Where to breakfast is served
Emierza Zakaria eat!!
Hydro Hotel
Mei Siew, Lee Ling, Bee Bee, Winnie and Sin Reei
This is delicous
We try to climb the wall
Tan Chee Kien
Rojak Motorcycle
Let's go opposite of the Hydro Hotel
It's a Miami Beach
Goh Pui Yue
Ong Bee Bee
Mei Siew and me
She want me to shot at her shirt
Gala Dinner night...When the winner for the treasure hunt was announced
This is mine

End of the day.....

Enjoy the photos!!!


J Generation said...

Walao~~ what a long post~~~

Nice Trip~ :D

MoreGames,Software and Gadged Review said...

where i can follow you

SaNn said...

Sann Sann so handsome liao o...

Jess Lim said...

looks fun.. =) great trip..

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