Friday, June 18, 2010

Another trick up their sleeves?‏


Not sure how true this is but anything is possible these days… see if this is good info to pass on to your friends.
If you get RM10.00 in your car door handle, use tissue paper or cloth to remove it without opening it and if possible bag it. Drive away immediately.

Don't check the note until you are in the company of your friends or relatives. The note could either contain powdered drugs to knock you out or make you wonder if some guilty motorist compensating you for a knock or scratch on your car, while you are still wondering, the robber(s) will attack you as you check the car.

This had happened in Johor


cklim said...

good info, will pass this around..thanks sharing :p

SaNn said...

Hi...long time din see u u are back....thanks

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