Monday, October 11, 2010

My Hobby is playing Chess

Time pass by fast. I just finish study one of the chapter for ACCA called environmental issues.

The chapter started with an introduction normally. However I end on playing chess....haha....No la....Just spend sometime to play chess. As my hobby is playing chess.

How about yours?

I just registered as a member for on of the game in facebook called ChessCube. I try and practice to make myself better in thinking. This will also help me in my working life as I always need to think and plan for client.

This is a 15 minutes games. Finally I won the game. The picture above stop at black piece. What if you are black piece, what is your move then?

DO COMMENT....Thank you. Please come Again

1 comment:

adsense said...

nice gaming and relax. Can i have that software to play too.

Please send to me via my email and please visit and follow me back in my creative layer


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