Monday, December 12, 2011

Food Network # 26 | Restaurant Goodview Hakka Food | Taman Paramount | Petaling Jaya

If you are thinking of what to eat for your dinner tonight, hop over Restaurant Goodview Hakka Food for a healthy hakka food. 

Restaurant Goodview Hakka Food's food ranging from hot pepper soup, famous hakka food, fish and others. 
One of the Hakka food is Tasty Wine Chicken (Gravy) small size, which costs RM13 each. For the medium and big in size of the Tasty Wine Chicken (Gravy) it costed RM15 and RM22 respectively. 

The wine chicken is delicious and the light gravy does not overwhelm its natural favours. It's gravy has its own unique of sweetness.
For hot pepper soup, I enjoyed the pork / stomach soup which costs RM9 for small size. For the Medium and Big in size the prices are RM13 and RM20 respectively.

This is one of the hot pepper soup. The pepper taste is very strong.

The menu

Preserved Vegetable Steamed Pork costs RM6 for the small order. 
Hakka salted chicken cost RM10 for the small portion. Medium and big size costs RM15 and RM20 respectively.

The dish is absolutely delicious.

No. 26, Jalan 20/15A,
Taman Paramount,
Petaling Jaya, 

Not open on every Tuesday. 

Recommendation: JJJJJJJJ(8/10)


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