Thursday, April 30, 2009

Computer Tips # 3 - Playing Dota using Hamachi

Hamachi is a software that can sets up a virtual LAN network at your own home without the need to go to cyber cafes to play a LAN games eg Dota (Warcraft).

Hamachi is available in the link below:-

After you click on the link stated above, you will be able to see page above. Then download the latest version of the software.

The installation process begin. For the installation process, there will be a page that need you to click on "Disable vulnerable Windows services over Hamachi". After downloading, you will be able to see software icon as above.
After installation, interface will be shown like the one above. For the first time of the usage of this software, the settings is preset.

You can make a change in the settings in the "Preferences" under the "System Menu" later.
Click on the right button and select "Preferences.." under "System Menu".
You can make configuration on the "Connection Preferences".
After all your configuration, you can start to "Create a new network".

This will come to the screen above, you will have to enter your network name and password for the network you are creating. You will have to inform your friends about the network name and password to they to connect and find your network. By doing this, you should be able to play Dota with your friend at your home.
Enjoy the software recommended!

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