Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Food Network # 3 - Bernard at Centrepoint - Bandar Utama

Today, I have a visit to Centrepoint at Damansara.
Then I went into the parking area which a free parking at the public holiday....
Saw this Lunch set at RM9.90++
Bernard's view
Outside of Bernard
Bernard's menu
Monday's lunch set is for the all fried rice at the menu.
This is Thai fried rice...

Yong Chow fried rice....Do you think is there anything special about this?

"I grew up in a house that liked to be funny. Everybody liked to be funny."
Some quote that found in a magazine at the restaurant.

The lunch is a bit slow to be served. Therefore, we look at the magazine while waiting for the lunch to come.

This is awesome...Can I try one? Is this included in the set lunch at I order? ha....

Prawns....I like to eat prawns
Bernard's menu
The set lunch not included any beer but got a "Guinness" glass of "Ice Lemon Tea"^,-
Ice Lemon Tea
Do you want a glass of Guinness or Ice Lemon Tea?


SaNn said...

The hotel is awesome and the food is delicious

SaNn said...

Ha...maybe you can have a try if possible...

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