Sunday, September 27, 2009

Computer Tips # 10 -

Dear all,

Do you know where to check your blog or website ranking?
If Yes, then want is your blog or home page's ranking today?

Here is the answer>>>> login to
Then the website as shown above will be available.....
Type your blog or website that you want to know the ranking at the "Find sites about"....
Let's try
Then, Click on "Get Traffic Stats for"

Trada!!....My blog rank 3,953,789 in the world or global....This ranking is updated in a daily basis.....
My blog also rank 178022 in Philippines....Ha...

Let's try your blog!! What is your blog's rank?


Shawn De Costa(ubuntusl) said...

very nice blog buddy.
following you now.
earned you some money also.
I'm ubuntusk

SaNn said...

Very interesting information for bloggers. Thank you friend

SaNn said...

mine is.. 500k smth? lol.
cool stuff..

SaNn said...

Oic....Fortunately...My blog's ranking increase again.....YEAH!!

Shawn De Costa(ubuntusl) said...

very nice blog buddy. most importantly clicked your ads.
I'm ubuntusl.

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