Sunday, March 13, 2011

Food Network #14 - Fish Head Noodle at SS20, Soyavite Jenny Hong

The specialty of fish head noodle shop is on serving 3 different types of fish. They are fish head, soong fish, haruan fish and fish paste. Usually, the fish head noodle stalls served only 1 type of fish. But, here is different!

It is best to try on rainy day!! Keep you warm!!!

Fish Head Noodle
This is the first page of the menu!

Side orders in Fish Head Noodle at SS20, Damansara Kim

There are also few desserts for you to enjoy after your main course especially ABC!!!

Haruan Fish Head Noodle

You can see the haruan fish is fresh and tasty. The soup is also nice.

WARNING!!! The chili sauces are extremely spicy!

I like this part most as some drinks are not available but appeared in the menu!!!
"Tea, Coffee , Nescafe and Milo >>>NOT AVAILABLE"

A glass of Lime Ice cost RM2.80

There are 3 choices of main course for Fish Head Noodle :-
1) Soong Fish
2) Haruan Fish (recommended)
3) Fish Paste

Choose Noodle
1) Fine Mee Hoon
2) Lai Fun
3) Thick Mee Hoon

The price are as follows:-
Soong Fish
1) Fine Mee Hoon RM8.00
2) Lai Fun RM8.50
3) Thick Mee Hoon RM8.50

Haruan Fish
1) Fine Mee Hoon RM10.00
2) Lai Fun RM10.50
3) Thick Mee Hoon RM10.50

Fish Paste
1) Fine Mee Hoon RM8.00
2) Lai Fun RM8.50
3) Thick Mee Hoon RM8.50

It is a bit pricey but worth it because the fish is fresh and delicious! Yummy yummy!!

The shop is clear and clean
Total cost is RM25.00 (included 5% service charges). The best part is 5% service tax in stead of 6%.

Operation Hours
Monday to Sunday 10:30am to 9:00pm

012-628 8896, 019-335 0880

SS20 Fish Head Noodle's address
Owned by
Soyavite Jenny Hong
No. 28, Jalan SS20/10, Damansara Kim
47400 Selangor Darul Ehsan

Other outlet
Gerai 20, Medan Selera MBPJ,
SS20/10, Damansara Kim,
47400 Selangor Darul Ehsan
(Just opposite of the shop above)

Operation Hours: 9:00am to 3:30pm

Recommendation: JJJJJJ(6/10)


Terrans said...

This looks very yummy and healthy! I would love to try the fish paste soup. Maybe next time when I go to China Town in Los Angeles, CA I will look for it. Join me and follow me on my Blogger account:

SaNn said...

Thanks for visiting...Enjoy your trip there><

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