Thursday, May 7, 2009

Computer Tips # 7 - Kiosk Mode for Internet Explorer

Do you know how to apply kiosk mode in Internet Explorer?
Definiton : When kiosk mode applied, title bar, menus, toolbars and status bar for Internet Explorer will not appear in the screen and Internet Explorer will be running in Full Screen mode.
This is cool because, the whole pc in front of you will show only the website that you applied the kiosk mode to......Steps: -
1) Click on Start
2) Click on Run
iexplore -k url in the open box
Note: "-k" means kiosk mode and "url" means web address that you want it to be applied in kiosk mode, e.g. (as shown above.)
4)Press Enter.
5)Wah!...wonderful...the screen above shown in the whole screen of your pc or notebook....
What happen if you just type in iexplore -k but without the web address?
Answer: It will show your homepage. Try and see...
Some of the keyboard shortcuts you may like to learn here:-

a) CTRL+A = Select all
b) CTRL+B = Organize favorites
c) CTRL+C = Copy
d) CTRL+F = Find on current page
e) ALT+F4/CTRL+W = Close
g) ALT+RIGHT ARROW = Forward
h) ESC = Stop
I) F5 = Refresh
J) CTRL+H = View History folder
k) CTRL+L / CTRL+O= Open Location dialog box
l) CTRL+N = New window (opens in non-Kiosk mode)
m) CTRL+P = Print
n) CTRL+R = Refresh
o) CTRL+S = Save
p) CTRL+V = Paste
q) CTRL+X = Cut
P/S: Enjoy and kindly post a comment here...tq:D

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