Saturday, May 9, 2009

Music # 2 - Enrique Iglesias -《Greatest Hits》

Have you ever listen to the song "Hero"? This song is popular....
This week I would like to share this album to you all as the music I always listening to.....
02. Away (feat. Sean Garrett)
03. Hero
04. Be With You
05. Takin' Back My Love (feat. Ciara)
06. Rhythm Divine
07. Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song)
08. Tired Of Being Sorry
09. Escape
10. Could I Have This Kiss Forever (feat. Whitney Houston)
11. Not In Love (Dave Aude Radio Mix) (feat. Kelis)
12. Don't Turn Off The Lights
13. Love To See You Cry
14. Maybe
15. Addicted
16. Somebody's Me
17. Can You Hear Me?
18. Miss You (Nadiya & Enrique Iglesias)
MP3 Bonus Track
19. Hero (Christopher Lawrence Remix)
Find and enjoy the music.....

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